How Important Is Sex in a Relationship? Explained by Psychologist!

How Important Is Sex in a Relationship? Explained by Psychologist!

Is Sex Important in a Relationship

To begin with, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. 

  1. Sex doesn’t necessarily have to be a part of every relationship. 
  2. If mutual, sex in a relationship is an important aspect.
  3. It’s OKAY if you want to wait till a certain point to get physical with your partner. 
  4. It’s also OKAY if sex is a part of your relationship from day one. 
  5. It doesn’t have to be regular. 

Everything stated above emphasizes how sex is a very personalized choice and doesn’t define anything specifically. 

Coming back to the point, is sex important in a relationship? 

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Not Necessary!  

Many couples are enjoying a healthy and fulfilling relationship without the sex element in it. There could be many reasons and it’s fine.

  • Low sex drive
  • Underlying medical condition
  • Waiting to get married
  • Waiting for a longer time to know the partner well

It doesn’t imply that the relationship is unhealthy, your partner doesn’t love you, desire you, or anything negative. 

Sex and Relationship: It Is Important To Some!

For the other set of people, importance of sex in a relationship is high. They want to have that sexual connection with their partner that is not just limited to physical desire. It comprises: 

  1. They see it as an opportunity to bond stronger with their partner. 
  2. It’s an act of love and affection to them. 
  3. One can feel safe and secure in a sexual relationship. 
  4. It’s an act of fun, pleasure, and ultimate intimacy that both enjoy. 

Again, mutual agreement matters! 

Moving on, sex exists on a spectrum. There are asexuals who don’t enjoy sex, and there are allosexuals with sexual attraction and needs. 

Because there is a wide range of feelings about sex and sexual attraction, there could be different approaches, and no approach is wrong. 

Coming back to the main discussion, why is sex important in a relationship?

1. Adds To The Trust Factor

Surely you want to be with someone who loves you in every way possible, someone who takes good care of you, encourages you to do better, and helps you become the best version of yourself. Such things follow when a pair truly trusts each other. When you make love, it brings you closer. An unsaid connection starts to build, leading to trust and comfort. 

Though sex cannot solely lead to trust between two people, but sex impact on a relationship can be connected with trust in one way or another.  

2. It’s An Expression Of Love

Importance of sex in a relationship? Sex could be a form of communication when partners are not adept at expressing their love to each other. Also, for couples with physical touch and love as their primary love language, nothing better than the sexual activity to show their immeasurable love for each other. 

Sex becomes even more fulfilling and meaningful when a couple is totally in love with each other.

3. Improves Self Confidence

Having sex frequently not only benefits your relationship but you too. You feel more confident about yourself, which eventually positively impacts your relationship. Why? Having low confidence harms your relationship in multiple ways. The importance of sex in a relationship takes the lead here. 

How do you expect to keep others happy when you are not happy with yourself? When you shed your insecurities, you feel good about yourself, which shows in your relationship. 

4. Builds Connection

Your connection & bond with your significant other may already be very strong, but having sex frequently makes it stronger. Yes, it’s proven! Having sex releases the LOVE hormone that leaves you more connected with them, followed by increased comfort vital to any relationship. 

The only thing to keep in your mind is to be vocal about your needs and expectations. It makes the process even smoother and cherishing. Always be open to strong communication.

5. It Relieves Stress

What’s your de-stress mechanism? 

  • Yoga?
  • Gym?
  • Food?
  • Hot bath?

Or anything else? 

Try adding sex to the mix if you two are into it. Why? Sex releases oxytocin into the bloodstream, which promotes relaxation and stress relief. The stress doesn’t have to be relationship-specific to reap the benefits. You feel good about it & that’s enough. 

It’s right that sex-reducing stress is good for both of you individually, but it’s very beneficial to your relationship. Good sex and relationships can’t be jerked off, saying it’s not required together. It is, to some extent! 

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6. Better Sleep At Night

Sex is linked to good sleep because you release prolactin which improves sleep quality. 

How many of you agree that a good night’s sleep is the foundation of a healthy lifestyle minus irritability and anger with increased mental wellbeing? Yes, it’s a fact! Will it lead to picking up fewer arguments and fights with your partner? A ‘yes.’ 

The Bottom Line

By now you must have understood the two clear spectrums of sex and relationship. 

The right conclusion to this blog would be to find a partner who understands your desires, needs, and feelings. Open communication and understanding are vitals of a relationship. 

What DO YOU think how important is sex in a relationship? Let us know in the comments below. 

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