6 Signs to Know if You’re in a Healthy Relationship or an Unhealthy One

healthy relationships vs unhealthy relationships

Are you in a relationship based on the super good ingredients of mutual understanding, love, and care or in a totally selfish, manipulative, and spiteful one? Healthy relationships make you feel good for yourself and bring out the best of you.

A good relationship doesn’t mean a “great” one because nobody is 100% clean. Although everybody does sometimes tend to give signs of an unhealthy relationship, we all learn to love more by unhealthy signals and positive signals. 

It is necessary not to disregard them and remember they will intensify into violence if you see unhealthy signals in your connection.

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Well, here are the crystal clear signs to know more about healthy vs unhealthy relationships.

1. Healthy Relationship

You’d do anything and everything for your bae with a zero expectation policy. You don’t everytime look for give and take activities to do cute things for each other. Toe massage? All right! You won’t even give me a glass of water in return? I will take it myself, honey! One of the best signs of a healthy relationship.

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Unhealthy relationship

You are in it only for the long-term perks! More than love, you’re trying to bond with them for your own selfish reasons. Dating a bank… are you? That way, you will never be able to take your relationship from the unhealthy side to the healthy side. 

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2. Healthy Relationship

You truly, madly, and err deeply love everything about your bae. Even when they are at their worst, in any possible way, you never stop adoring and loving them. Never change, please!

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Unhealthy relationship

You see your bae as a puppet. Dance for me… now don’t! One of the signs you’re in a toxic relationship. Don’t ignore it, babe. Move on!

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3. Healthy Relationship

You go 1000 miles to put a 100-watt smile on their face. Your partner’s happiness matters to you the most. You won’t even think twice before going out of your comfort zone to make them happy, and they would do the same.

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Unhealthy relationship

Weep! Emo atyachar is your favorite weapon of choice, and sending them to guilt trips is in your weekly itinerary. It’s a clear sign that you’re in an unhealthy relationship. 

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4. Healthy Relationship

Hush! Hush! You’ll never spill out secrets between the two of you, even if there are a billion bucks on the line. That’s how you build a healthy relationship step by step.

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Unhealthy relationship

You are All India Radio. You treat the secret stuff as live news! Everyone knows about it, even your neighbor’s cat. Stop doing that right away. 

5. Healthy Relationship

When there’s a fire, you’re the firefighter! You focus on damage control and not on fanning the sparks. You try to pacify things rather than becoming the fire yourself. No burn whatsoever!

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Unhealthy relationship

There’s no mountain higher than your Mount Ego! You wait for the perfect time to execute your grand revenge for anything that may have a wee bit offended you. Oops, unhealthy relationship alert! 

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6. Healthy Relationship

You eat together, dream together, make missions impossible- possible together. You are two bodies and one soul. You see a life where you both are involved in it, together. 

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Unhealthy relationship

I eat first, my dream first. I! Me! Mine! Who are you again? You just don’t give a damn about your partner’s dreams and goals.

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If two stable people are in love, that does not describe their relationship entirely. You want to improve yourself, both internally and externally. It is not healthy if any of your self-esteem is enveloped in your relationship. 

There’s something a partner brings to the table. It is essential to reestablish who you are as a human if you have forgotten yourself. Develop your own tastes and passions, take credit, take chances and make crucial improvements.

When it’s your romantic relationship, be frank with yourself. Is it safe, or does it have to be altered? Is there respect for one another? Remember, there’s no ideal relationship. 

This article compiles the difference between healthy relationships vs unhealthy relationships. If you’re facing toxicity, don’t wait for more than 10 signs of an unhealthy relationship. There’s more to life!

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