What He Texts and What He Actually Means

texts that will make him want you

When you drop him a message saying, “Hey,” you actually mean, “I’m missing you. Please text me asap”, right? Come on, admit it. We all do it.

But, when a guy says, “Hey!” he actually means “Hey” or “I’m bored,” at max. Let him message you his typicals, and you can send him the not-so-typical texts that will make him want you. You got it, girl! 😉

But how to know what he actually means? The communication between a man and woman can be quite complicated, right? What does he mean, what do you imply, when a guy texts you every day what does that mean, decoding hidden meanings, reading between the lines, and interpreting his texts – let’s make all of this a wee bit better for you. 

Here’s a cheat sheet we created to help you decode any message he sends in just a snap.

10 Texts He Is Likely to Send and What They Actually Mean:

1. “She’s just a friend!”

She's just a friend!Image Source

Maybe she’s not, but I’m flattered by how jealous it makes you feel. Your jealousy makes me feel so important. Ummm, I might have flirted with her before, but I’m not going to tell you that. But frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn about her right now.

My primary focus is you. And even if he does, drop some texts to make him think about you, girl. I mean, you’re obviously better than that she-devil. There’s no issue in proving that once in a while to him.

2. “I’m not really looking for a commitment.”

"I'm not really looking for a commitment."Image Source

You are smart, funny, and beautiful. You’re all I ever wanted, but if you say those three words, I will run away from you at Usain Bolt-esque speed. Let’s take it slow. Or maybe he is a one-time show. He will leave when the show is over.

P.S. Be careful about what you write next. And yes, no more texts that will make him want you, cause if he wants you, he wouldn’t have said. You’re a smart girl, and remember, self-respect comes first!

3. “I love you.”

I love youImage Source 

I am crazy about you, and it’s taken me a lot of effort to come out and say this. So don’t ask, “What?” Just say “I love you too,” and let’s live happily ever after. One of the clearest signs he loves you through text is when you receive this message. Yes, men are that simple. Go for it, babe!

4. “That’s not what I meant!”

That's not what I meant!Image Source 

Of course, I meant it, but now that you are overreacting, I’m going to backpedal and pretend that you understood it wrong. *deep breaths* *panic mode*

Remember: He regrets what he said only because he thinks YOU’RE OVERREACTING, not because HE IS WRONG.

5. “You look more beautiful when you don’t wear any makeup.”

You look more beautiful when you don't wear any makeupImage Source

He knows you’re beautiful with or without makeup; he must love you. He totally understands you do things to make yourself feel happy and not the world. 

6. “I’m sorry.”

I'm sorryImage Source

I’m not really sorry, but I can definitely pretend to be, especially at this moment. Can I go and sleep now or perhaps watch football? Sorry again, can we make out now? When it’s sincere, a “I’m sorry” holds a lot of weight. However, in many cases, men say “I’m sorry” to manipulate their significant other rather than to show sincere remorse. Please don’t fall for it.

7. “I’m kidding!”

I'm kiddingImage Source

No, I wasn’t. I was serious, but you took it the wrong way. When in doubt, ‘I’m kidding’ is indeed a saving grace from god. Please don’t buy it. Make him pay for it until he’s actually kidding.

8. “That dress fits you so well!”

That dress fits you so well!Image Source

Now, I do notice that lot of little weight you’ve put on. But I will dare not mention it for my own good. And with this compliment, I will slip out from the “How do I look in this dress?” situation rather well. Could you give him a khachak instead? He deserves one.

9.”I have to work late. Won’t be able to meet you for dinner tonight.”

I have to work late. Won’t be able to meet you for dinner tonightImage Source

It’s obviously impossible to tell you this over a call, and I’d rather break it to you in a safe text. I DO intend to meet you again, and I’m not brushing you off. I am really loaded with work.

And, remember, you’re not the only one who wants to meet. He might be busy, but you can always woo him with texts that will make him want you. You know if you know.

10. I’m fine. I’ll talk to you later.

I'm fine. I'll talk to you laterImage Source

I’m actually in a bad mood, and I don’t want to talk. I’m also not in a mood to vent and whine. Just let me be alone for a while, and I’ll pop right back. Please don’t leave him alone, girl. He actually needs you when he says this.

Men aren’t as complicated as we think. Sometimes they may be scared to say what they feel, and at others, they may just type it out in a text. So, you have to stop playing Sherlock all the time and just sit back and enjoy the ride.

Are you still wondering when a guy texts you every day what does that mean? It only implies one thing, he wants you, girl! He’s craving for you! So, why don’t you go ahead and drop texts to make him think about you more? Thoda sa fun shun toh hona hi chahiye!

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