How to Compliment A Girl Over Text & Real

compliments for girls

Many grown-up men find it challenging to verbally express their emotions, especially to the girl they have a crush on. On the other hand, many are Blessed with this skill of flirting or complimenting a girl.

This article is for both the category of males. One can learn how to compliment a girl, and the other can learn how to do it right!

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Before wondering how to get a girlfriend, you should really think whether you’re good at complimenting girls. Or in other words, getting your soulmate is a process, and compliments are the first step.

But the trick is, general compliments are old school things and The Right Way of complimenting her is equally important. Everybody knows how to flirt, but one who does it the right way SUCCEEDS.

Learn some tips and tricks of how to compliment a girl in this blog and keep your unique compliments ready.

Follow The 5 Simple Steps To Keep Your Compliment Game On Point

Right Time And The Right Moment

compliments for girls

You’re sure to waste even the best compliment till date if the moment is not right. 

Right compliment at the right time with the right mood is the trick.

The best time to compliment to girl and get her attention is when she is in a frame of mind to be receptive to the compliment made by you, which is just after the two of you had a good conversation.

It will also make the compliment genuine, and the girl is more likely to believe your compliment.

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Go For The Compliment She Had Never Heard Or Something Which Is Not Obvious

how to compliment a girl

Do not make it appear like you have prepared for an exam, and you are recalling one of the answers.

If the girl you met has beautiful eyes or a smile, Do Not compliment her on that. She must have heard it from millions of people. Rather go with something you have just discovered.

You two just had a conversation, right? Point out something that you think is an amazing trait of her personality. Example: I like how positive you are. Must say, you have an amazing viewpoint. Or just simply say it from your heart what you liked the most in her.

Praising and all is fine, but try this too! Noticing and addressing something more than just her beauty is the best compliment for a girl. Evaluate what one thing she likes in herself and mention it. Even though she knows it, she will love it when it comes from your side.

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Be Genuine And Honest

compliment for girls

When they say, Honesty is the Best Policy. Trust them!

Telling a girl what she wants to hear will make her feel good about herself, but complimenting a girl on something that you genuinely feel is different in her will make you special (for noticing her). Find something unique about her and tell her.

Genuineness over the complement? Yes!

Please keep reading for a list of some of the out of the box and best compliment for girl you can give a girl to make her fall for your charming personality.

Try To Keep It Casual And Friendly

best compliment for a girl

Many women want to get compliments on their physical appearance or something more intimate, but in the “trying to know you stage,” please refrain from making such compliments and keep it friendly.

Start with something that won’t offend her or cross that thin line because if you manage to play your flirting game right, you will get plenty of time to make those cute, flirty, and intimate compliments which will spice up your relationship.

Your Compliment Should Be Followed By a Good Conversation Topic

The last but the most important step of “how to compliment a girl” is filling the void. Confused? See how.

There are chances that your compliment will make the girl conversation ready and she will be comfortable to talk. But the situation can turn awkward if you do not have anything to talk about.

Well in that case, keep your questions or a good conversation starter ready. Make beautiful transitions in your communication and get to know each other better.

A List Of 9 Casual But Cute Compliments You Can Give A Girl And Make Her Blush

Again, when they say Old Is Gold, Believe Them!

  1. You are more beautiful than you think you are – She is blushing. 
  2. You are my candle in the dark – She will appreciate your poetic side.
  3. There is something special about you – This compliment is deep. You love every bit of her.
  4. Your sense of humor is outstanding – You got to say this to a girl who has this trait. 
  5. You have changed my life for good – This combination of flirting and compliment is a masterpiece. 
  6. When people ask me what I am thinking about. I say Nothing. You are my Nothing – This combination of flirting and compliment is also a masterpiece. A must-try. 
  7. You know what? I can totally trust you and rely on you – This builds an instant connection between you two.
  8. Your fashion sense is unique – You can’t miss this.
  9. I can be myself with you – She will like it.

Ready? You are now a step ahead in the process of winning a girl’s heart with your compliments.

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