How to Propose a Girl – Best Proposal Lines

how to propose a girl online

Proposing a girl could be one of the hardest things you can take on. If you are someone who suffers from lack of confidence, then you will be having a big time fighting this problem. Propose Day is going to be coming soon in some months and many of you would start preparing for the day from now onward. And this blog is going to help you understand how to propose a girl.

In this blog, we are going to give you some of the best proposal lines which you can use, and also a short and easy way to implement the idea. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Propose her with a red rose

Proposing with a red rose is one of the oldest yet the most working strategies we have seen when it comes to proposing a girl. If you want to know how to propose a girl with a way that has the most success rate, then it is going to be this one.

how to propose a girl

Experts on TrulyMadly say that even if you don’t use any of the best proposal lines, the simplicity of this proposal may work like a charm for you.

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Writing a love letter

If you are not good verbally, you can make use of the sword in your hand – pen! Write down your feelings and share it with her. Girls love to read letters. There’s absolutely something special about handwritten love letters.

best proposal lines

If you are good with words, you should absolutely try writing down a few words about what you feel for her, what she makes you feel, what she means to you, and more. When you write down such a letter, we’re sure, there’s no way she’s not going to love it.

Proposing her in a restaurant

Did you know that there are some restaurants that wave off your bill if you propose your partner in their premises? Some restaurants even give you a free sweet dish when you prop.

Now, moving back to the main topic – how to propose a girl.

how to propose a girl on chat

If you both have made time for each other and the situation is in your favor, you can at least talk about what you feel for her. And if you think that the odds are in your favor, you can maybe bend on your knees and see if it works out for you.

Proposing during a trip

If you both are going on a trip, then it can be the perfect time for you to make this move. First off, if she’s comfortable enough with you that she’s going on a trip, then you do stand a chance. So, this is your opportunity, to make the moves carefully. You don’t want to make any wrong moves, force her to accept your proposal or anything of that sort.

how to propose a girl online

When you’re travelling together, you can get enormous opportunities to express yourself. The best part is that you both will be all by yourself. So, you can propose her easily.

Now, let’s talk about the best Proposal Lines & Ideas that can help you a lot.

Best Proposal Lines

Check below to know the best proposal lines which you can use as supporting lines while proposing a girl.

I want my first name to be your last name

This is by far the most cute proposal line we have come across. If you are wondering how to propose a girl on chat, then you can make use of this line in your conversation and this can work like a charm if you play it right.

Good things always come in pairs

best proposal lines

This one proposal line will let her know that you consider her as a potential partner. If you want to initiate this conversation, then dropping a hint with this line would be a great choice for you.

You’re so pretty, I forgot what I wanted to say

You can use this proposal line and then when she laughs, you can propose to her seriously and this can work well in your favor.

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[Extend your hand] Mind holding this while we go back home?

You can extend your arm in front of her as you are walking back home and ask her if she will be interested in holding your hand. Although holding hands doesn’t mean proposing someone. But, you can easily get closer to proposing to her.

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If you want to know how to propose a girl on chat, then you can talk about how you felt while you both held each other’s hands.

Grow old along with me, and the rest will follow

how to propose a girl on chat (2)

Assure her that she is going to be safe with you and you both are destined to be. If you use this line at the right moment, you can stay rest assured that she is going to have a good feeling about you.

When I am with you, the only place I want to be is closer

This is one of the best proposal lines which will tell her that you feel good when you are with her. So, if you want to know how to propose a girl on chat, then this proposal line can be a good one.

So, these were some of the best proposal lines which you should be using. So, if you liked this blog, feel free to share it with someone who is thinking of proposing a girl.

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