10 Dating Tips For Every College Student

College is a time for new experiences. There is so much to look forward to from a completely different lifestyle to making new friends to celebrating the recently acquired freedom. Amidst all this, dating is another very important thing that is eagerly anticipated by the every college student. So, here are 10 great tips for you that are sure to come in handy for your dating escapade in college.

1. Don’t be too hasty to get into a relationship.

Rather, make new friends and explore the college life.
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2. If you like someone, don’t waste your time being afraid to ask them out.

If not a partner, you may end up with a great new friend.

3. It’s perfectly okay to not be constantly texting your bae.

Do enjoy new experiences with your friends and indulging in other exciting college activities too.

4. Don’t concentrate on finding ‘the one’.

Date someone you like and let things flow on their own.
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5. However, if there’s genuine love, stick to it.

Don’t go on binge dating just because someone told you it’s what college is all about.
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6. Don’t think of break up as the end of the world.

Grab some ice-cream, watch a movie and sleep tight only to start another day afresh.

7. Learn to value and love yourself, before falling in love with someone.

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8. Be smart when it comes to physical intimacy.

Listen to your heart, stay safe and let nobody tell you otherwise.
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9. If hookups work for a buddy, they need not work for you too.

So, know what you want and act accordingly.
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10. You don’t need to date anyone just because everyone else is dating.

Enjoy your single status and stay happy.
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