DM Using SPARK: Let There Be No More Waiting For “Like Back” And “Match” To Start A Conversation and Build Connection!


Your journey on TrulyMadly is amazing so far, and suddenly your eyes met with this profile with a constant urge to connect with them immediately?

Are you wondering if there must be many in the queue trying to win over their heart, but that instant connection you feel with them means something making you wish to talk to them and know them further?

That true connection mustn’t be dependent on the match and like to start a conversation, right? 

Introducing SPARK For Your First Flash Of Attraction!

For that magical magnetic chemistry, we have got you covered with our ridiculously amazing SPARK feature that eliminates the gap of “message after you match” between you and the one you think would make a perfect pair.

In addition, it helps you beat the crowd because your message appears on the top of their chat list that gets you into their notice before anyone else, eventually increasing your chance of getting a reply. 

Three steps, and let your journey begin! 

These three little steps into your love journey can find you the one who will be your “Match Made In Heaven.”

Step 1: Tap on the Yellow Spark Button on a profile that you’d want to know better!

Meeting and knowing people online is smoother than ever now. It’s a matter of a click on Truly Madly if your heart sends Love Sparks for someone.

Waiting would mean a missed opportunity; therefore, use the Spark feature to build stronger connections.

You will find a Yellow Spark Icon with the profile of the one that made you skip a beat. That’s the direct way of connecting with them. If a simple click can do the work for you, why not? 

Step 2: Send a Spark!

It’s time to make them reciprocate to your love spark with your witty action. Draft a beautiful and interesting message enveloped in a 140 characters text space for that first WOW impression.

Remember, choose your words wisely and avoid boring one-liners “Hi, How Are you” at any cost.

If it’s taking you longer to decide what should be your first text and you don’t want to sound boring and uninteresting, worry not! To help you here, we have another very interesting Ice-Breakers feature below. Tap, choose, and send. 

Step 3: No Countdown Timer With Your Text on Top. Wait For The Receiver To Respond!

When the feelings and efforts are genuine, they somehow manage to reach where they are supposed to.

This feature especially highlights that someone has sent you a spark, and the message gets a space right on the top.

Wait for them to accept it, and start chatting. Get to know each other and see where it goes! 

Why unnecessary rules for online dating when it’s the modern era’s new dating culture? Explore the Truly Madly side menu and start sparking.

Love is for all, and so is our platform loaded with powerful features that support love and genuine connections. 

PS. Spark is a paid feature!

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