Introducing Truly Madly Trust Score Feature: Online Dating Safer Than Ever! 

Trust Score

With a serious relationship intent, you would want to invest your time on a dating app that you can trust and is genuine, right? Well, Truly Madly is your one-stop destination!

To change your love life from single to committed, explore our application, and find your Forever.

In addition, our platform is loaded with multiple features that lead to genuine matchmaking, further helping you find the one who could be your partner for life!

Among all the features that make your online dating experience an exciting bliss on Truly Madly, the Trust Score feature makes us stand out from the lot. This is probably one of our exclusive features!

How Does It Work?

Trust Score is one of our best features that make us one of the most trusted Online Dating Platforms In India that promotes genuine connections.

The Trust Score that you manage to get for yourself decides the results of your action and how others opt to act when they happen to come across your profile!

Wondering what builds your TS on our platform? It’s all the information you provide like your phone number, Facebook, LinkedIn profile, and photo ID.

All these help robustly verify your identity that gives your profile a Trust Score, and similarly to all other profiles on our platform.

Want a 60% Score? Then, proceed With Facebook and Photo ID!

Did you know that only Facebook and the Photo ID are responsible for giving your profile a 60% trust score?

Yes! A 60% Trust Score would mean more genuine matches looking for love and companionship in life just like you.

Therefore, follow the verification process with these identities, and seal the best love deal for yourself!

Trust Score Below 30%? Not Happening!

Our stringent verification process does not allow conversation and interaction for the profiles with a less than 30% Trust Score.

Also, other profiles won’t be interested in such profiles for trust factors. Now, achieving this 30% mark is not a hard nut to crack at all.

All you have to provide is your LinkedIn profile and employment status, and there you get a 30% Trust Score that enables interaction for you.

Easy, isn’t it! Pull out your matches from the profiles who are here to fall in love with like-minded people.

Do You Still Have a Poor Trust Score? Then, Here’s Why You Should Get a Higher One!

On an app with millions of profiles with a commendable Trust Score, why would anyone want to trust someone with a poor score?

It eliminates your chances of getting matched with genuine people for serious relationships. You can keep scrolling for hours, but our Trust Score feature boosts your chances many times!

Remember, the Higher the Trust Score, the Higher the Matches. If you have an 80% score, it’s as good as a paid member.

So, therefore, verify your details if you want to be a part of the online dating community dependent on trust and genuinity!

It’s time you unsingle yourself on Truly Madly with a Trust Score that would be of great help!!

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