With Truly Madly SELECT Feature, Take One Step Further Into Finding Your Genuine Partner For Life! 


With offline dating giving you a plethora of options, why should online dating be less interesting?

For an amazing online dating experience on Truly Madly, upgrade to “TrulyMadly Select.” Get a membership of the SELECT feature to know what’s in store for you.

Getting access to this one feature would further unlock many interesting love features designed for those with serious relationship intent like more profile views, compatibility quiz, bio, and many more!

Once you start using Select, your love journey for a long-term commitment starts. Enjoy all the features that would unsingle you with the one who’s made for you!

Read on for the list of SELECT membership features you get to enjoy!

Compatibility Quiz Played By Both Parties!

Don’t you think the relationship becomes smoother when you both think alike? What better than knowing someone online through questions that measure compatibility?

Keeping the same in mind, our SELECT feature allows you to play the compatibility quiz to bring you closer to your most compatible partner.

Top psychologists have designed the Compatibility Questions for two like-minded individuals to come closer and know each other even better.

If the score is impressive, there you go. If it doesn’t seem like a satisfying score, explore more. We have a lot for you!

Your Bio Gets Enabled: Write To Impress and Match!

You must be very well familiar with some basic steps of online dating. Before knowing you personally, the other person forms half the judgment of who you are based on what you choose to write in your bio.

The more impressive the bio, the higher the interest in you! Therefore, with our very amazing Select feature, you enable your bio for that very first impression of who you are to be on point.

You can use multiple hashtags to see who shares the same interests and hobbies. That way, you end up like the one who’s THE MOST compatible with you!

Profile Visibility- 3x

Dating platforms are all about exploring and finding. Limiting your profile’s access would mean missed chances of meeting people like you who could be your future partner. Therefore, let our Select feature help you!

Upgrading to Truly Madly Select triples your profile accessibility in a day. Not only this, but it also makes your profile visible to other profiles as a priority that directly means people noticing you more and more.

That way, you secure multiple matches for yourself that further lead to a genuine connection with the one you are meant to be with!

Boost- 3x

Select activates a three-time boost for your profile, resulting in enhanced visibility, which is the key to finding your perfect match on Truly Madly.

How would someone know who is best compatible for them unless the options are open among the pool of profiles? Therefore, our Select feature is at your rescue!

These features are not those dating app offers. The idea is to help you find what you’re looking for in a faster and smarter manner!

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