Upgrade To Truly Madly Select+: Your Chance To Find Your Soulmate In A Faster And Smarter Manner!

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When you sign up on a dating platform, there’s an explosion of thoughts in your mind about how your online dating experience would be?

Will you get your soulmate? Is the platform safe? Will I get my genuine match? And so on! 

On the other hand, keeping up with our user’s expectations, we strive each day to offer something valuable to give them an on par online dating platform that’s a medium on earth for bringing the Jodi made in heaven closer to each other.

As a result, Truly Madly is loaded with a plethora of relationship-centric features. And Select+ is among the best that we have in our store to offer. 

The membership of this feature is key to unlocking a set of different features that you need to keep your dating game on point. 

Select+ is an upgraded version of Select with some more added features. Let’s explore all the features one by one! 

Compatibility Quiz Played By Both Parties!

The unveiling of this fun quiz game in Select+ brings you closer to your most compatible partner! 

First things first, the set of questions that you answer are designed by top psychologists that helps us measure an almost accurate compatible score that you can consider while making your choice.

If it’s a good score, you two have a lot in common to look for. If it’s a bad one, let the dating ball still be rolling. Keep exploring, keep finding, keep matching! 

Your Bio Gets Enabled!

To attract them towards you at first glance, our Select+ feature provides you an opportunity to write a quirky bio for your profile that’s very important to tell people about you.

A good bio at dating platforms is half the job done. Therefore, make the most of this feature! 

There’s an added advantage for you where you can use hashtags to see who shares the same interests and hobbies. You end up being with your most compatible match! 

Profile Visibility- 3x

Do you know what we think the best advantage of this feature is? It’s your profile visibility increasing by three times.

The more you explore, the better you get. Limiting your profile’s accessibility would mean limiting your options!

Not only this, but it also makes your profile visible to other profiles as a priority that directly means people noticing you more and more.

Boost- 3x

Select+ activates a three-time boost for your profile, resulting in enhanced visibility, which is the key to finding your perfect match on Truly Madly.

How would someone know who is best compatible for them unless the options are open among the pool of profiles? Therefore, our Select+ feature is at your rescue!

Profile Visibility Control!

For obvious reasons, this feature protects the privacy you always wanted. When you enable the visibility control, who all can have access to your profile is totally in your hands. Only the users you LIKE, or SPARK can see your profile. 

Isn’t it something you would want to have? 

You Would Know Who Liked Your Profile!

Who liked my profile? This is something every user would want to know, right?

The membership of Select+ would let you know who all are interested in your profile by showing your likes list from other users.

Then, you can easily match with them and start making connections!  

Our motive for introducing all these amazingly interesting features is to give our users the best online dating experience they could have! 

Ready to Unsingle yourself? We are sure you are!

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