14 Over The Top Ideas To Propose If You Dare To Go Bollywood Style

bollywood style proposal

Proposing your girl is a big step… It’s both scary and overwhelming! So, of course you want to make it grand and unique… A day to be always remembered in awe and admiration… So, if for that you’re seeking the help of our Bollywood flicks… Well, think again!! Here are some really famous and most heartwarming Bollywood style proposals for you. PS: Be a little careful! All the best! ? ?

1. Get down on your knees and let the whole restaurant look at you, admiring your boldness (or judging your sanity); tis the only way to propose to your girl.

(Zindagi Naa Milegi Dobara)
Bollywood style proposal
 Eros International

If you both are not affected by the naughty PDA, then sure, take the move in a crowded restaurant.  Otherwise, you can visit a highly expensive restaurant where there’s hardly anyone to watch you.

Nobody cares how bad your knees hurt, though.

Bollywood style proposal
Image Source/  Eros International

Just a little heads up, if she’s taking too long to respond, you are free to switch between different knees.

2. Choose the apt day when all the transport systems of your city are on a strike and procure a horse miraculously out of no where, to ride across the city to get to her.

(Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na)
best proposal lines from bollywood movie
Image Source/ Aamir Khan Productions- Excel Entertainment

One of the most romantic ways to express your love to your partner is by reaching to her on a horse. When you meet her, use some of the best proposal lines from Bollywood movies that she’ll never forget.

3. Be jugadu… No paper? See any leaf lying around… write on that! Of course, you’ll need a marker handy to write on it and hands made of rose petals to handle the fragile dried leaf… But who cares!

best proposal lines from bollywood movie
Image Source/ Yash Raj Films

If you have essays to write, you can dip a normal white paper in a yellow colored water solution and then dry it. This will help you give your letter a classic look.

4. Breach the airport security when she must almost be on her plane by now, and then with the plane specially stopped for you…. Propose to her.

(Pyar Toh Hona Hi Tha)
punch lines to impress a girl
Image Source/ Videosound

Be prepared to be in jail for the next 3 years on an attempt to suicide, threaten to risk passenger lives and getting blacklisted by all the airlines for the rest of your life. If you’re okay with all of this, go ahead and use punch lines to impress a girl you intend to meet afterwards.

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5. Sing the loveliest song in the most besura way possible. She’ll definitely say yes to stop you from singing if not anything else.

(Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na)
punch lines to impress a girl
Image Source/ Aamir Khan Productions- Excel Entertainment

If there’s anything you can do to impress someone in Bollywood style, sing in the most non-melodious voice and she’s definitely saying a yes to stop you from singing.

6. Wait till she is getting married… Raid her wedding and then propose to her…with full emotional dialogue baazi.

(Love Aaj Kal)
bollywood style proposal
Image Source/ Eros International

Ensure that you have a backup plan because relatives won’t spare a minute kicking your ass. But still a great Bollywood style proposal.

7. Even threaten her fiance in his own mandap to kill him if he gets any closer to her. They never show the next scene.. So, we guess, you’ll be safe. Don’t worry.

(Dil Chahta Hai)
bollywood style proposal
Image Source/ Excel Entertainment

Haha. Jokes apart, please be prepared to say, “It was a prank” when people circle you to hand over to Police. Use some of the best proposal lines from Bollywood movies that make it even more dramatic.

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8. Leave all your kaam dham, keep tourist(ing) all around the world and each time bumping into her… But only propose to her when she has had married once and lost her hubby and you grown your Devdas beard.

(Hum Tum)
punch lines to impress a girl
Image Source/ Yash Raj Films

There’s a slightly less possibility of meeting her in a different country. But, can still start roaming around different countries in a hope to bump into her somewhere. Check out the climax scene of the movie, Raanjhanaa and you’ll understand how much depth it holds for any romantic movie so far. Grow a beard like Kundan, and expect to bump into your partner where she’s currently living.

9. Take your intimacy to the next level.

(Band Baaja Baraat)
punch lines to impress a girl
Image Source/ Yash Raj Films

Have you seen the movie, Kabir Singh? Do everything with your 100%. You want to share some intimacy? Go ahead! You can use almost any romantic Bollywood style proposal lines afterwards. 

10. Leave all your globe-trotting dreams, go back on your own words of not wanting this ghisi piti life and then surprise her with a cake and balloon to propose her.

(Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani)
best proposal lines from bollywood movies
Image Source/ UTV Motion Pictures

Sometimes, it’s good to step back on your own words. Maybe this weekend, just propose to her with a cake and balloons.

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11. Take her to your favourite childhood spot and then propose to her with all your pantar dost around you, making the hell raise and not leaving even a second for you to get into a khopcha.

(Rang De Basanti)
best proposal lines from bollywood movies
Image Source/ UTV Motion Pictures- Aamir Khan Productions

Simply spend some time with her over there and kneel down to propose to her. Make sure you have a great story to tell before you propose so that you receive a yes.

12. Ruin your months rehearsal of drama in the name of love and have your own improvised koo chi koo conversation going on.

(Dil Toh Pagal Hai)
punch lines to impress a girl
Image Source/ Yash Raj Movies

Best way to propose, especially when you’re yourself the director… Who’ll dare question you then, right?

13. Though risky, excuse your way into her ongoing interview and then bare it all.

(2 States)
punch lines to impress a girl
UTV Motion Pictures

If she nails the job, know it you nailed the proposal and she’ll celebrate it with you that eve. But if she didn’t get it…. Ufff…. There goes your girl!

14. Place a ghanti on any random cow in her neighbourhood and play banjo an Altaf Raja in your china mobile, early morning and expect her to come running to you, knowing you love her.

(Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jaenge)
punch lines to impress a girl
Yash Raj Movies
punch lines to impress a girl
Image Source/ Yash Raj Movies

Either that, or you will have the whole mohalla charging at you with their chappals for disturbing their sleep!

So, what did you zero on? 😉

These were the 14 over the top ideas to propose if you dare to go Bollywood Style. Let us know which Bollywood style proposal you are going to try in real life.

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