Best Propose Day Ideas for Husband and Wife

propose day ideas for husband and wife

Propose Day Ideas For Husband And Wife: Say It Out Loud In The Most Unique Way!

Is it a ritual in your relationship to utter those three magical words to your partner before you go to sleep, go to work, wake up in the morning, or over text at any hour of the day every day? What about a celebration of this ritual to make it a memorable moment for both of you?

Yes! On the 8th of February and on the 2nd day of Valentine’s Week, which is the PROPOSE DAY, let your better half know how much you love them in a mesmerizing way. This love festival week is a treasure of celebration, and how can one not celebrate one of the most important moments of love!

For some outstanding propose day ideas, we have got your back! Read through and get some amazing ideas to load your day!

Celebration With A Cake, But With A Twist!

propose day ideas

There must be no count of the number of times you have said “I love you” to your husband/wife. But with a heart-shaped valentine’s cake of his/her choice, self-baked with every ounce of love you have. This very special day will make this “I love you” like it’s the first time.

So take charge of the kitchen, wear your Masterchef hat, bake a delicious cake, wear the dress of his favorite color, write the shortest love-note on the cake, and witness your bond reaching the zenith.

This is one of the most successful propose day ideas you can’t miss!

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Are You Both Foodies! Let The Propose Day Load With Some Food And Surprise!

propose day ideas for husband

A little agreement with the chef of your wife’s or husband’s favorite restaurant, and you are done!

Ask the chef to arrange the food on the plate and write “WILL YOU MARRY ME, AGAIN?” with it. If you love your partner a little extra, which of course you do, order a cake with a sweet note on it which says “PLEASE DON’T SAY NO.” 

We bet your partner will remember this propose day for the rest of their life, and it will be your kid’s favorite bedtime story. 

One of the propose day ideas requires a little execution, but it’s worth all your efforts. 

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Recreate That Magical Moment!


They say propose, and you hear a ring, right? So, how can this celebration not involve a ring? But to make this super special, recreate the day of the proposal, which is the reason behind your union today. 

Time for little hard work! Invest some days in choosing a perfect ring for her. If not every, recreate most of the moments of the day you asked her to marry you. Let the magic of the moment captivate you for life like it did a couple of years back. 

Cliche But Flowers? Yes!

propose day ideas for him

Our list of propose day ideas will be incomplete without flowers.

With the introduction of millions of things in the market, the soothing feeling that flowers provide is unparalleled. Nothing could suffice the love aura that flowers hold. So for the special day, be it flowers and rose to be precise.

Let your true emotions flow while you are on your knees with a bunch of flowers in your hands, uttering those three magical words to your wife.

Breaking the stereotype, even the ladies can get on their knees and make their husbands blush this way. 

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Start The Day With Lovey-Dovey Breakfast!

propose day ideas for him

All the couples who only get to spend some quality time together at the breakfast table due to hectic schedule, read through to make your Propose Day a day to relish for life! 

Time to use that cliche but very romantic Hollywood/Bollywood “On The Bed Breakfast” idea. Use sauce to take your creativity to the next level. On every edible thing on the tray, either make a heart or write I love you. We bet your partner won’t stop smiling even for a second. 

If you are creative enough to leave a message at the bottom of the tea or coffee cup, there you go!

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A Beautiful Love Message!

propose day ideas

Let the magic of your words do the trick! 

Pour out all your feelings on a paper, write a beautiful message for your partner, wrap it creatively, and give him/her your thoughts this time! Every word on the paper will tell your partner how much you love them. The process of reading it will take your partner on a past trip where you have millions of beautiful memories to cherish. 

Not to forget the smile on the face, it will be the one you must have never seen before. 

It might not sound like a fancy propose day ideas for him/her, but it’s worth trying! 

Get Creative With Candles And Darkness

A room full of heart balloons and walls screaming it out loud that you love your partner so much? A thumbs up!

From the main gate entrance to the room’s entry, make way with lit candles, turn off all the lights, and let your partner step in the room with you on your knees, ready to make a marriage proposal, AGAIN!

We hope our propose day ideas will turn your special day into one of the best days of your life with your partner.

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