20 Random Date Questions To Keep The Conversation & Spark Alive

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First dates are supposed to be exciting and stressful at the same time. It is more likely that you both are nervous, awkward, and wondering what the other person is thinking.

So the first date can be full of awkward silences where you both struggle to keep the conversation alive and to ask random date questions.

And let us tell you, this is not only limited to shy and reserved people; the situation can get a little tough for almost anyone on their first date.

It is natural to feel anxious and nervous on the first date, especially when you really want the person in front of you to know the best of you.

So, to save yourself from this type of embarrassment, awkwardness and to keep the conversation flowing on the first date, here are some engaging and interesting conversation starter questions.

But, be sure you don’t mug them up or spit them out like a questionnaire for your date. These date questions would definitely give you an idea to make your first date more fun and alive at the same time.

Here are few first date conversation starter questions for you:

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#1 What do you like the most about yourself?

This is a basic and simple dating question which we guess everyone would ask if they meet anyone for the first time.

But we must say this question can do wonders if you add this one in your questions to ask on the date list. You will come to know whether you can vibe with the person or he/she is not the one for you.

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#2 What’s the one thing in the food you can never resist eating?

This question can help you figure out if you two can catch up for lunch or dinner anytime soon. Isn’t it one of the best questions to ask on a date?

conversation starter questions

#3 What’s your idea of a fun weekend?

Good conversation starter questions to know the person better, if the person loves to stay at home, spending time with friends, or is more of an outdoor person. This will help you get the idea for another weekend date with this person.

#4 If you could travel to just one place, which place would it be?

One of the best questions to ask on a date. We all have our go-to places where we always want to go and visit every time we get a chance.

So it can be mountains or beaches where your date likes to go. This is a good conversation starter question that will provide you with full insight into a person’s tastes.

#5 Who are you the closest to in your family?

It’s very common, but you must ask questions to get to know about the family and who is his or her go-to person in the family.

But then we must pay attention to your date’s answer because this might help you to assess if the person is good with forming relationships.

questions to ask on date

#6 What are you most passionate about?

This question will help you get into the core of a person’s being. You are likely to get an insight into the person’s way of life.

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#7 Do you like your work?

We find this question boring because nobody wants to talk about the work on their dates. But then, this will help you know if this person is committed to a career and is passionate about their work.

You can make it a little interesting by asking if you had a crush on someone at work or if you hang out with your office friends.

#8 What do you do when you are having a bad day at work?

Everyone has bad days, and everyone feels low sometimes. So this can be an emotionally supportive question to ask.

#9 What is the first thing you do when you head back home from work?

Some people prefer to go to the gym, or some might end up watching TV or maybe Netflix. So you can add this up in your dating questions list; this would give you an idea about the daily routine of the person.

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#10 What’s your favorite book/author?

Asking this question might stop the conversation because you really don’t know if this person is into books.

But it is always recommended to ask this question; you never know one of his/her favorite books might become your favorite too.

#11 Which was the last movie you saw?

This is a good conversation starter question because most of us really enjoy watching movies.

#12 What is the naughtiest thing you have done as a child?

This will make the conversation lighter if you ask about anyone’s childhood funny memories. You can know more about the person, how and where your date has spent his childhood.

#13 Here’s a fun question… If you could get invisible for five minutes starting right now, what would you do?

You can ask this question if you think everything is going smoothly. You can really figure out what exactly this person wants at this moment or maybe desired for a long time.

#14 Do you always look so beautiful?/ Are you always this charming?

You can ask this question when you are sure that things are going in the right direction; otherwise, this might spoil everything.

Complimenting each other is something like validation. Everybody needs it, but you have to be smart enough when to compliment.

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#15 Which is your favorite childhood memory that never fails to bring a smile to your lips?

Here we can discuss all the fun that we used to do in our childhood. How exactly you were when you were a kid. It is one of the best deep conversation starters that will make you understand the kind of person you are talking to.

deep conversation starters

#16 Do you like the early mornings, or are you a creature of the night?

Another simple yet good conversation starters question to ask, this can help you decide when is a good time for you guys to talk.

#17 How old were you when you had your first crush?

Going on a date and not asking each other about your crushes in a big No-No. This is a fantastic idea to bring up something exciting from the past to blend it beautifully in your date conversation. And we bet the anecdotes with this crush question would be amazing.

#18 What do you hate the most about first dates?

First dates are the worst because you are meeting a complete stranger, and above all, you need to impress that person. This can be embarrassing for few people, but it is always good to share experiences because we all have gone through this.

#19 What did you imagine our date would be like before we met?

This question is something that has to be there in your date questions list because it might give you hints if this person likes you or not, and accordingly, you can plan your next date.

#20 And how do you feel now?

Based on this, you can either fix your next date with this person or can give it a full stop here.

So these were the 20 random questions you can ask your date to keep the conversation going.

It’s quite difficult for some people to maintain a conversation, and this is why we have written this blog for you!

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