10 Cute Monsoon Date Ideas

rainy date ideas

A date under the cloudy sky or when it’s softly drizzling outside is the mark of perfection for anyone who is a true romantic at heart.

So, if you are too looking to turn the murky rains in your favor and make a wonderful romantic date out of them, here are ten great rainy day first date ideas and rainy day date night ideas to pick from.

#1. Go on a long drive with your bae and enjoy the soaking landscape running along.

Going on a long drive could be one of the best rainy date ideas. The mist on your face from your window could be a good experience. Don’t forget to stop by to have a comforting cutting chai on your way.

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#2. Take a plunge in a pool and have a hearty swim with your beau.

FYI: We are not kidding. Just go and try it, and we are sure you’ll love every moment of the unusual experience.

Also, make sure that you don’t jump into the sewage water. Otherwise, if it’s in a park or some clean area, you should include it in your list of rainy day dates for couples.

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#3. Curl up together and enjoy a movie marathon!

Open up your windows and enjoy the cold breeze coming from outside. Add lots of pillows and a big bowl of popcorn, and you are all set for a cozy date. It’s definitely one of the best rainy day date ideas at home for couples.

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#4. Chat endlessly with a hot cup of tea watching the rain.

Relive some of your childhood memories and talk to your partner about how rain used to be when you were a child.

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#5. Enjoy a lovely walk in the soft drizzle, under an umbrella.

Remember those good old Raj Kapoor songs? Play them on your phone speaker and enjoy this brilliant rainy day date for couples.

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#6. Share roasted bhuttas or a plate of piping hot pakoras to spice up a cloudy evening.

No matter which Bollywood movie it is, if they are showing a romantic rainy scene, there’s definitely going to be one Bhuttawala.

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#7. Arrange for a candlelight dinner on your terrace under the shelter of a funky umbrella.

Spoiler alert: There may be mosquitoes in your neighborhood who’d be feasting on your yummy ankles while you both enjoy your dinner on your rainy night dinner.

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#8. Visit a national park or go for trekking to ignite romance in the picturesque wild.

If you live somewhere near a National Park or Zoo or at some hill station, you should definitely take out some time to enjoy it if it is raining.

Be safe and don’t slip anywhere. It’s one of the best rainy day ideas for adults.

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#9. Play scrabble or ludo and make paper boats with your partner.

Don’t waste clean and blank papers. But, if you waste paper, you should definitely make a paper boat and enjoy the little moment.

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#10. Enjoy a good rain dance.

Who doesn’t have this item on their bucket list pending? It has to be one of the most romantic rainy day ideas for anyone.

monsoon-9.1-rain-dance-jab-we-met-kareena-shahid-happy-coupleImage source/ Shree Ashtavinayak Cine Vision Ltd.

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