10 Tips To Dress Up For A Rainy Date

rainy date outfit

Monsoon season is perhaps considered the most romantic season of all time. Despite all the mess and humidity, rain makes everything look so beautiful.

Couples look forward to spending time with their partners on rainy days and deciding on rainy date night outfits becomes a task. 

Adding colors to the drab weather is what’ll keep you fashionable while getting ready for your rainy date! Here is a simple guide for rainy day date outfit ideas and a rainy date night outfit for you.

#1. Stay away from whites

Make it your golden rule if you don’t want your dress to look like you just had a mud bath. Avoid wearing light colors, especially whites. Wearing a dark color top and pairing it with a blazer would make a perfect outfit for rainy days. 

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To make it even more stylish and a perfect outfit for a rainy day, you can/must wear a mask that perfectly goes with nature’s rainy theme of love. Safety first but style matters too, right? 

#2. Steer away from flowy dresses.

Ladies, it’s a big no maxi dress, long skirts, or trailing jackets if you are planning a date for monsoon season.

Get those cute shorts, minis, and capris to make a great rainy day date outfit and see his eyes hooked on to you. 

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The main point to consider here is, head to a safe place that takes care of all the COVID safety measures. 

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#3. A trench coat would be nice too..

But you know the one thing that would be nicer if you and your beau are vaccinated!!

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Go with the classics even on rainy days. When shapely or belted, they look the most flattering on anybody.

Wearing a little black dress with a trench coat is a simple and yet classy rainy date night outfit for you in the rainy season.

#4 Wear your hair in a bun or a nice braid.

Open hair=disaster much! Make a simple bun or ponytail for rainy days and keep up with the trends too.

Open hair might look good for quite some time, but it won’t take much before your hairstyle will be messed up. 

rainy date ideasImage Source

#5. Put away all your metal and leather accessories and make rubber and plastic your friend of the season.

Leather and metal won’t do well on rainy days. Buy some bright-colored plastic jewelry and pairing them with indo-western dresses will make a pretty rainy date outfit for you. 

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Don’t forget your mask and sanitizer! 

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#6. Wear waterproof make-up.

You need to be very specific about wearing makeup when going on a date on rainy days.

Waterproof mascara is a must for rainy dates because you don’t want humidity ruining everything.

When it comes to wearing a perfect rainy date night outfit, you can not exclude waterproof makeup.

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Just like waterproof makeup saves your face from looking all messed up, for your health to be at its best, vaccination is a must! 

#7. Invest in a good umbrella.

There are lots of cute and stylish umbrellas available in the market to complement your outfit and protect you. Getting a matching umbrella will make your outfit more beautiful on rainy days.

summer rainy day outfits

#8. Also, choose the fabric which is light and dries easily.

rainy date ideasImage Source/ Featured Image Source

You don’t want to weigh a ton if you happen to get drenched in the rain so avoid wearing heavy trousers.

Pick something in black, lightweight, and which is quick dry and you are ready with one of the best rainy day date outfit ideas

#9. Add lots of bright colors.

rainy date ideasImage Source

Choose a dress in bright hues or even accessorize likewise. It’s the best way to add a colorful spark to the otherwise dull atmosphere and draw his undivided attention towards you too.

#10. Go crazy over rain boots.

rain-10-boots-puddle-childlike-childish-fun-rainImage Source

Find a pair of boots that you love the most and pair them with a nice t-shirt and shorts. Wear this simple rainy date outfit and walk in the rain with your bae.

Without an ounce of doubt, you all will kill it fashion-wise, but we would again like to draw your attention to something very important that mustn’t be ignored for your safety and the safety of people around you. Wear your masks properly and please get vaccinated.

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