12 Handy Tips To Dress To Perfection On A Date With Her

No one can deny the importance of dressing up right for any occasion and when the given occasion is your date, it becomes even more crucial for you to get it right. After all, it’s going to be worth the effort if your beautiful date ends up swooning over you, right?
Here’s how you dress to impress:

1. Be thoroughly clean and presentable.

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2. Take effort to dress up for your date. Be something more than your usual khaki shorts and hoodies.

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3. Pick a dress according to the occasion.

If it’s a casual date like the movies or bowling, you can wear a casual linen shirt or a shirt over t-shirt combo; teamed with a nice pair of jeans. Or simply go for the classic, plain white shirt and blue jeans.
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If you intend to take her out for a formal date, opt for a vest over a crisp shirt or a t-shirt/shirt and a jacket with a well-fitted pair of jeans or trousers.
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TIP: Go for a vest-jacket combination/ a fitted suit only if your date is at a sophisticated and classy restaurant. Delhiites, here you go! Mumbaikars, this one‘s for you!
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4. Add some color to your outfit.

Wear something bright and cheerful, however not too flashy. Try jewel tones like cobalt blue, emerald green etc.
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5. Team your ensemble with matching accessories.

It purely depends on the occasion and your clothes… For example if you are going for a formal date, then opt for accessories like:
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But if it’s a casual date, reach out for your favourite pair of sneaks:
image source 1 & 2

6. Wear something comfortable.

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7. Do not try out a new style just because it’s in trend.

As unbelievable as it may sound, but it can actually happen that you may not be able to pull off a red pair of trousers or that upturned thick moustache. So, stick to the tried and tested instead of experimenting at the last moment.
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8. Take care to see how your clothes fit.

You don’t want your trousers to rise up or become scrunched and extremely tight and cringe-worthy…. Nor do you want your shirt to look like you have borrowed it from Yeti. So, take care they fit well and suit you.
image source/ Yash Raj Films

9. Emphasize your best feature but subtly.

If you have a well toned body, you can try a fitted shirt but refrain from opening more than two upper buttons. Similarly, wear a colour that flatters your skin and eye colour. Like if you have a dark complexion, then wear earthy and warm colors like maroon and brown.

10. Bring on your own unique style but keep your tees with witty one-liners and crocs locked up in your wardrobe.

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11. Use deodorant/ perfume and hair gel in check. Don’t overuse them.

image source/ Eros International

12. Keep your dressing decent and simple.

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