13 Sexy Tips on How to Dress Up for First Date (With Photos!)

how Sandal, Necklace to dress up for a date

Dress to impress! How you manage to present yourself tells a lot about you before you actually take charge and speak for yourself. 

One can’t emphasize enough how important it is to get your first date looks right. Firstly, he doesn’t know you that well, so how he perceives you is a major part of his knowing-you process. And secondly, well, you need to look good to feel confident. 

So, here we are with some very useful tips, and how to dress up for a date ideas to set you on the right path to choose your perfect look.

#1 Wash your hair the day before and make a hairstyle that is test-driven before!

When girls ask how to look pretty on a date, the first thing we want to tell them is work on your hairstyle.

Try your hairstyle once or twice before and keep for a substantial time if you don’t want any ‘Oops’ time with your fake clip-on or your intricate hairstyle coming off right in your soup bowl.

dress-1-deepika-hair-wash-towel-wipe-aarakshanImage source/ Reliance Entertainment

#2 Be presentable enough to make him stop and stare!

Dressing well is also a sign of showing respect to your date. Taking efforts in getting ready shows your interest without having to be vocal about it.

dress-2-bath-bathtub-preity-zinta-salaam-namasteImage source/ Yash Raj Films

#3 Pick a dress according to the occasion!

Make sure you don’t dress up in your best sequined gown, even if it makes you look like a princess, if he intends to take you to a bowling alley. Because you won’t be able to roll that ball with that thing on, that’s it!

dress-3.1-mujhse-fraaandship-karoge-ready-dateImage source/ Y-Films

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#4 Go for bright colors!

Even if you just burnt one of your favorite tops or if you’re not willing to spend on new dresses, that bright dress will help you look all cheery, confident, and peppy! So, count on it.

dress-4-nail-paint-bright-coloursImage source

#5 Choose comfort and it need not be over style!

If you’re wondering how to dress up for a date, read through to select the perfect dress. Grab something that’s neither too tight to squeeze away your life’s breath nor too loose that the whole litter of kittens could camp in it. Let it be comfortable enough to walk and sit in easily, and not make you be in the washroom more than sitting with him.

dress-5-deepika-smile-indicate-point-out-bag-cocktailImage source/ Eros International

#6 But wear comfortable shoe heels anyway!

Wearing a shoe that’s comfortable is a mandatory “how to dress up for a date tip.” Or you know, just tell him bye bye as soon as he arrives at your door since you can’t take a step without seriously spraining your ankle or leaning over him all the time.

dress-6-shoes-sandals-boots-rain-hurt-standingImage source

#7 Wear a dress that compliments your body type!

Figure out what is your body type; is it apple, pear, hourglass, or box type to dress accordingly. For example, if it’s apple-shaped, heavier torso and slender legs, go for V-neck or cowl-neck tops and wide-bottomed pants like palazzos to balance out.

dress-7a-sonakshi-pallazoImage source

If you have a pear-shaped body, i.e., narrow shoulders and waist but a heavier bottom, then go for cropped jackets, quarter sleeves, and scoop neck tops and A-line skirts, maxi skirts, and boot cut trousers.

dress-7b-deepika-crop-top-maxi-skirtImage source

The hourglass figure looks amazing, with perfectly balanced out upper and lower portions and a trim waist. You can go for any dress that accentuates your curves and emphasizes your waistline.

AImage source

A box-type body lacks curves in the waist area and looks more athletic. Create an illusion of broader shoulders and hip areas by going for boat-necks, tank tops, and halters in tops and high-waisted and wide bottomed dresses and pants.

how to dress up for a dateImage source

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#8 Team your dress with the right accessories but don’t go on a matching frenzy!

How to look pretty on a first date? Keep your accessories game on point. You don’t want to look like a life-size banana with everything right from your jumper and shoes to bangles and bag going bananas with yellow fever! Use color blocking and contrasting colors, leaving only one bright color to be of prime focus.

dress-8-even-man-6-alia-bhatt-glam-dress-hot-soty-fashionDharma Productions

#9 Do not experiment with your style at the last moment!

Being comfortable in what to wear on a date is the first dating rule that every girl sticks to. It also includes not experimenting with what you plan to pull up for the day because you can’t afford to concentrate only on your looks and not on your date.

dress-8-tevar-sonakshi-arjun-kapoor-car-travel-rd-worried-afraid-tense-sighEros International

#10 Apply make up, keeping in mind the occasion, time, and your skin type!

Keep it natural if it’s a casual date with a little tinted lip balm/ gloss and kohl if you please, but if it’s a more formal one, you can go for other make-up essentials, too, keeping in mind the mantra of darker and shimmery colors for the night time and lighter ones for the day. Another thing to keep in mind is the skin tone. All warm and earthy tones suit Indian skin type well. However, you can go for light pinks if you are fair-toned. Fair enough?

dress-9-make-up-gloss-lipstick-lips-redImage source

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#11 Focus on your best feature and work to enhance that!

For example, if your long and slender legs are your best asset, you can very well flaunt them with short dresses or boots.

dress-10a-katrina-beach-shorts-sexy-longg-legs-bang-bangImage source/ Fox Star Studios- 20th Century Fox

Similarly, in make up emphasize, for instance your eyes, if they are your best facial feature.

dress-10b-eyes-aishwarya-beautiful-make-upImage source/ SLB Films

#12 Give it a touch of your own unique style!

It’s time we add style to impress with dress to impress! Yeah, now’s the time to reveal your inner Coco Chanel. What you’re so known for…. maybe the funky boho accessories?

dress-11-sonam-dance-happy-delhi-6Image source/ Showman Pictures- UTV Motion Pictures- Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra Pictures- ShowMan Pictures

#13 Try to keep it simple and chic!

Have patience, if you get this date right, you’ll have enough time to show him your crazy-for-rings-Phoebe-Buffet side. But for now, keep it simple.

dress-12-prewedding-photoshoot-e1426870338231Image source

We hope this “how to dress up for a date” blog proves to be helpful to you. Go, charm him girl!

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