What You Must and Mustn’t Do While on a First Date at the Movies

first movie date

Nothing can beat the emotions a person feels when it’s their first date or first movie date.

There’s something about the nervousness, expectations, and racing heart that makes it so exciting.

And when the occasion is so special, everything should be just perfect as well.

So, if you too have chosen that evergreen “the first date movie” option for your first date, make sure it is as flawless and crisp as can be.

After all, it’s your first that makes you break your impression and acts as the sole deciding factor for the future of this potential relationship.

So, guys and girls, here are some first movie date tips with do’s and don’ts for you that you must follow when out on your first date at the movies.

Let’s start with Guys!

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  • Be thoroughly clean and presentable!

It’s your first movie date, wear casual clothes but don’t go overboard with hoodies or shorts. Your date should feel you made an effort to look good for your date.

  • Pay for the tickets yourself!

If you invited your date, you should be the one paying ideally. But if your date insists, ask her if she’s sure or let her buy the popcorn instead.

  • Be a gentleman and let your date pick a movie of her choice!

It will prove to her that you are thoughtful and will also lift off any risk of being blamed for a poor choice of movies.

  • Be ready to skip the movie and improvise if needed!

Be observant of your date’s response to the film as it proceeds. If she is not enjoying it, it’s better to cut your adventure short and head to dine or do something else that could make the rest of the date fun.


  • Don’t play with your electronic toys!

Keep your phone in silent mode and refrain from calling, texting, or checking it again and again. It is better to concentrate on your date than making her feel left out and disrespected.

  • Don’t rush off through the door or sit down first!

Be courteous and open the door for her. Also, once you locate your seats, let her sit down first before sitting down beside her.

  • Don’t get touchy!

One of the movie date tips that must be followed. It is highly repulsive to hold her hand or put an arm around her, assuming she would not mind. Look out for any positive indications from her, like if she is leaning in or keeping her hand closer to yours before attempting such a stunt.

  • Don’t forget the afterword!

Offer to grab a bite or a cup of coffee together post-movie. It is the best way to know each other and get things going between you. Besides, it is a sin in itself not to offer to drop her back.

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Girls? Ready? Here you go!

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  • Take efforts to dress for your date!

It’s always a good idea to dress presentable for a date but try to keep it minimalist and casual.

  • Offer to pay for the tickets!

There is no bigger turn-off for a guy than a girl assuming the guy would (and should) pay every time. Offer to pay for tickets, snacks, or coffee! 

  • Go slow on the popcorn!

The first date movie and you’re eating popcorn like a pro, Nah Nah! Eating popcorn one kernel at a time is both cute and attractive. Besides, it is also what manners call for.

  • Subtly let him know how you feel about the movie and about him!

Hold his hand or lean a little yourself if the movie is scary or the scene gets emotional. It will relieve him of the dilemma.


  • Don’t be late!

First movie date with him and you are late? It might sound good as it’s rhyming but it won’t align with your prospect relationship dreams. It is not only against etiquette, but also it will cast a bad impression on your date.

  • Don’t thrust your preference for the movie!

Even if he asks you to decide which movie you want to watch, it is better to agree on one mutually. And although romcoms work best for a date, you can also go for a newly released one for a safe bet.

  • Don’t forget to show gratitude!

Thank him for the movie, especially if he paid for the tickets. Also, don’t forget to tell him you enjoyed his company.

  • Don’t gab during the movie!

Nothing is more annoying for your date or anybody else in the hall to hear someone’s constant murmurs, disturbing them from watching a movie in peace. So, hold on and keep things for after-movie lunch or coffee! 

The first date movie is always special when right things at the right time are done!

Don’t put too much pressure on you, and be the best version of yourself by taking care of these little things that can make or break your first movie date!

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