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dating outfit ideas

Date Fact: Your date will only take 1/10 of a second to form an opinion about you by looking at how you are carrying yourself for that date. The way you dress up and how you look for first date (good, average, smart, Ok Ok, handsome, gentleman) forms the very first impression of who you are and with whom she is going to spend the next two to three hours of her day. Don’t you think it should be worth it for both of you.

You committing a fashion sin on your first date with her is a big NO NO! The way you portray yourself through your dressing sense speaks for you before you actually take the mike and speak for yourself.

To help you come up with the first date outfit ideas and help you with crafting the perfect outfits for casual date or be it any date, we have come up with outfit ideas to impress your date at First Sight.

To begin with, Ladies First!

Seal it in the first go with your outer personality and leave the rest for your charming inner beauty. It will be a plus point for you if you feel confident and comfortable in what you wear for your special day. How you feel about yourself will radiate in how you portray yourself to him. 

DRESS APPROPRIATELY AND ACCORDINGLY: Over-dressing is not a good idea and under-dressing is a bad idea too. Presentation should be according to the dish. Therefore, get an idea of the place where you both will be spending some beautiful hours of your day and prepare accordingly.

For example: Outfit for a dinner date could be a beautiful, subtle, and elegant gown with minimum accessories. It would go perfectly for the dinner date in a posch restaurant.

black outfit dress for women

For a casual first date at a cafe or in an amusement park, be it skinny jeans with a satin strap top/shirt with classy footwear and a watch or anything that gives out a casual vibe. Simple, comfortable, cool, and totally you. 

outfits for casual date

COLOR YOU WEAR MATTERS: For a day, consider wearing something that brings out the best in you rather than wearing the color you are fond of. After all, that particular moment will be about him and not for you for a fact. You can always try on white pants or jeans with a top of a light, subtle color.

look for first date

TAKE HONEST SUGGESTIONS: First date outfit ideas can be a tricky task if you are trying to do it all alone. Welcome suggestions and respect honest opinions. Arrange for a personal fashion show in your room a day before and make your sister and mother the judges. Go with the best dress of the day to slay your look. 

What’s trending these days is a classy jumpsuit. They say, it’s one for all!

winter first date outfits

DRESS TO IMPRESS, DO NOT DRESS TO ATTRACT: Remember, the way you dress sends signals across. Avoid dressing flirtatiously. You don’t know the person across the table that well yet. Therefore, wearing a deep neckline, tight-hugging clothes, lace-up tops, etc. that are revealing more than it should have been do not count as appreciating dresses on a first date. Impress him with your simplicity, style, elegance, and you will get plenty of time in the future to show him your flirty side.

Pretty much it for ladies, let’s dive into details for boys to impress their dates. 

First Date Outfit Ideas Because First Impression Is The Last Impression

Dress To Impress! With dress comes Class and Style. How you look on your first date matters more than you think it does.

If you are one of those who thinks inner you is what matters and not how you look, you may be right but not entirely. So you better be ready for the special day with the best version of yourself. Here is something to take help from:

Swag Outfit

Meeting her in a café? Looking for outfits for casual date ideas. A not so tight dark blue jeans, a white casual shirt layered with a blue denim jacket, black sneakers, and a watch. Do not forget to give it a finishing touch with your contagious smile. You are sure to get a compliment from her.

Swag Outfit

Formal, Classic, and Noble Outfit

The mark of formal clothing is unbeatable. Formal and Class goes hand in hand. A white shirt with light blue jeans accessorized with a belt and light brown shoes and you are done. Please don’t mind her staring at you.

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Formal, Classic, and Noble Outfit

Decent Dressing for Winters

Worried about your winter first date outfit? Don’t worry, we have got you covered with this cool decent outfit idea which we are sure she will definitely like.

You must have visualized yourself as a cool, fashionable, and stylish young gentleman. Right? Then you must go with this outfit for your special day with your special date. A black casual pant with a light blue shirt layered with a light grey sweater. To finish your look, wear light shiny brown casual shoes. You are ready to grab the attention with all the awesomeness and style.

Decent Dressing for Winters

Stunning Winter Date Look

Want to have a fun time with her on a date in a club or some cool fancy place? Confused about your party first date outfit? Get ready for the party date with faded brown low boots, dark blue loose jeans, a black t-shirt layered with a leather jacket of your color choice and a cool shade. Top it with an off-white trending cap. You are ready with the perfect outfit to match your aura. This look for first date will be a perfect outfit, a mix of class, simplicity, and glamour in all the possible ways.

Stunning Winter Date Look

A Classic Outfit For A Dinner Date

A blazer with jeans? What say? Definitely a thumbs up. A complete look with white sneakers, dark blue or black jeans, white t-shirt and a white blazer will definitely catch her attention. She won’t mind a curve on your face. You must wear your smile.

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A Classic Outfit For A Dinner Date

Semi Casual Outfit

One of the top rated fashion trends in 2016, grey loose jeans with a dark multi-color check shirt layered with a cool short black jacket is the outfit to make your date think only about you till your next date with her. For that casual evening date, go with this outfit without giving it a second thought.

Semi Casual Outfit

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A Proper Casual First Date Look

Keep it unique, simple, cool, and stylish. The outfit idea we will be sharing here might sound very simple but has something unique about it. A plain dark blue casual jeans with loafers and a green shaded shirt with two open buttons from the top. Accessorize it with a silver chain watch and let the look merge in with a cool hairstyle. If you wish, you can add a pair of sunglasses. The best tip for outfits for casual date is to keep it simple yet stylish.  

A Proper Casual First Date Look

Not just with the intentions of impressing your date, you should wear a good outfit to feel confident and good about yourself.

Also, putting efforts in dressing up is a sign of respect for your date. This sends a message across that you are really interested and have put in efforts to look your best for her.

We hope you liked the ideas of outfits for casual date and you are ready to slay your looks and make her feel good about her choice.

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