5 Key Difference Between Dating and Being in a Relationship!

5 difference between dating and relationship you think are same!

Do you often find yourself thinking deeply about the difference between dating and being in a relationship?

Do you think dating and relationships are the same? Are you confused between these two terms that directionally sound similar? 

difference between dating and relationship
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Well, do not trouble your head too much now. We have dedicated this entire blog to dating and relationship difference. 

5 Difference Between Dating and Being in a Relationship That You Should Know!

#1 Mutuality

One major difference between dating and relationship is that of mutualism. For a relationship to happen, two individuals must commit their love to each other. 

The question ‘WHO ARE WE’ is totally out of context, and marking the territory with TU MERA HAI OR MERA HI HAI seems to be normal and cute. 

dating and relationship difference

While on the other hand, dating sounds more casual. It won’t be wrong to say that it might not be mutual and depend on person to person for some people. 

There might be many people involved in exclusive dating, but still, that would never fall under the category of a relationship. Relationships are deep, meaningful, and exclusive. 

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While there also may be a group of people who love to date multiple people at the same time, and that’s completely fine. 

The bottom line is that if there exists mutuality, there exists a relationship. Rest, call it dating, and have the best time with them. 

Both are right and totally acceptable unless and until someone’s feelings are not hurt. 

#2 Commitment

You agree, right? A relationship is nothing without commitments, and dating lacks this very important element. 

People in a relationship commit to being together in ups and downs, commit for a beautiful future together, commit for a lifetime of togetherness, so on and so forth. 

man hugging his girlfriend showing the real dating and relationship difference

While on the other hand, what would commitments look like in dating? We will have ice cream after dinner, OKAY. After that, aap kon mai kon. (kidding, not every date is the same)

Dating and relationships might seem to be the same in some of the conducts from a distance, but a close analysis says it lacks one very primary element, and it’s none other than the commitment that binds the couple together. 

#3 Communication

The conversation that two individuals indulge in elaborately throws light on dating and relationship difference. 

In a relationship, the conversation is deeper, regular, meaningful, and happens almost daily. 

While in dating, the conversation of the dating couple sounds more like where to eat, what to eat, when to meet, and such surface-level communication ONLY. 

difference between dating and relationships

In a relationship, you want to rush and tell your partner everything that happens with you during the day. Such a feeling is almost missing when it’s just casual dating and nothing else. 

In a relationship, you guys share secrets and feel completely safe to do so. When dating, you will have to think like a hundred times if it’s safe to pour your heart out in front of this person. 

This very difference in dating relationship draws the line between being in love and attraction. 

#4 Expectations

Dating is equal to Casual. 

Relationships are equal to Serious. 

You expect from the one you’re Serious with, and expecting from Casual might not be favorable for you. 

There exist some boundaries when it comes to dating and relationships. A relationship is always followed by expectations from your partner that can be extreme, like being there for you always from something as small as sending a goodnight kiss via text every night.

On the other hand, it doesn’t matter how much you have started liking this person after your first date; you can’t expect them to be all there for you every time you need them or send you even a good night text. 

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#5 Priorities

With the person with whom you share these above four elements, they will always be your priority, right?

Man kissing girlfriend in relationship

When in a relationship, your SO becomes your everything, and you put them on the top of your list, always. 

The same doesn’t happen when two individuals are just involved in dating. Not even for a second we are saying that dating is any less important than relationships. 

Date meaning in love holds importance. It, in fact, is the first step that leads to relationships. But when it comes to setting priorities, your date will never keep you above their work, family, and friends, but your partner will. 

Therefore, if you’re expecting relationship things from your date and vice versa, stop that now. 

Final Words

These are five prominent differences that we have mentioned here to brief you on the idea of dating and relationship difference. 

There might be many that make dating and relationships unique in their respective areas. 

If you agree with whatever that’s mentioned and explained here about the difference between dating and being in a relationship, please let us know in the comments. We would love to hear from you. 

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