What Are The 5 Different Love Languages type: The Secret to Love

Understanding 5 different love languages Types: The Secret To Love

You regularly express your love and affection to your SO, but do you confirm if it’s reaching across the right way? Do you even know if it’s the same way your partner wants to receive your love? Have you heard of love languages types? 

Well, it’s important because it’s not very difficult for your love to vanish in translation when two people in the equation speak and understand different love languages. What are these languages? 

The 5 love languages we will talk about in this blog were developed by Gary Chapman, Ph.D., in his book The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love That Lasts. In this book, he very beautifully describes the five unique ways of expressing the love that is a prerequisite for a relationship to grow healthier and stronger. 

Here Is an Overview of Five Different Love Languages.

1: Words of Affirmation

Words of Affirmation love languages types

When we say words, it doesn’t only mean verbal. It’s both oral and written in any way. 

Some people are conscious and active in words of praise and recognition. This language makes the partner feel appreciated and loved. It’s the ultimate love language they know and ace. 

Please note that you don’t have to sit down and write poems, gazals, songs, or anything. It can be short, simple, and uncomplicated, but it should come straight from your heart. 

  • You like when your partner says, I LOVE YOU. These three simple words are priceless, special & reassuring. You want them to say it AGAIN, AGAIN, and AGAIN.
  • Isn’t that out-of-the-world feeling when your partner acknowledges and praises you for even the tiny things you do? When these praises come out of the blue, it’s a bonus, haina? It tells you that you are being valued. 
  • How does it feel when your partner is actually noticing even the tiniest details, and you hear words of encouragement and praise from them? We all know the answer. 
  • People nowadays are underestimating the value of THANK YOU. Especially couples. THANK YOU is also a love language when you both do something nice for each other, even if it’s negligible. 

A few words can make a ton of difference! 

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2: Physical Touch

Physical Touch is also different love languages type

It’s one of the love languages types that’s often misunderstood with being sexual. The truth is, it’s more about intimacy like sitting together, closeness, kisses, hugs, holding hands, etc. Sexual engagement is undoubtedly a part, but it’s not everything. 

If your SO’s primary love language is physical touch, they can feel neglected & unloved without it. For them, nothing is more impactful than their partner’s physical touch. No gifts, no fancy dinners, nothing can suffice the feeling they get when they are pampered physically. Not just emotionally, but they want you to be close by physically too.

  • When you are with your partner, you look forward to being close and closer. You want to hug your partner, cuddle them, kiss them, and it makes you ecstatic. 
  • PDA for you doesn’t feel like ‘baby kya kar rahe ho.’ It’s a love language that makes you feel desired and wanted. It’s a welcoming gesture. 
  • The closer, the better. Sitting next to your partner is enough? Nah! A little cuddling is needed. 
  • Regular sexual intimacy is also one way that makes the bond stronger. 
  • When your partner is nearby, reach out to them and give them a back rub, play with their hair, touch their hands, and so on. 

3: Gifts

Gifts love language types

It’s one of the five love languages that most people know and apply, right? But, there’s more to it. 

Let’s specify. This love language doesn’t necessarily have to be materialistic. A meaningful and thoughtful gift is more than enough to make your SO feel loved & appreciated. 

It can be as little as picking up their favorite chocolate or ice cream, making a more remarkable and lasting impact. The thought behind this love language is everything because it shows that you understand your partner. 

  • Whenever you present your partner with a gift, it becomes an object that captures that moment. It reminds you of that particular moment when it was about the two of you and your love. 
  • You both must present each other with something after a date or a trip. The reason is that the gift works as a souvenir that catches all the sentimental moments. 
  • The gesture of giving and receiving gifts means you are cared for, loved, remembered, prized, and appreciated. 
  • Best of all, when you get them a gift, the efforts that you put in matter the most and are recognized by your partner.  

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4: Quality Time

Quality Time one of the important five love languages

There’s nothing better than having your partner’s undivided love and attention. For people whose love language is quality time, getting some of it is divine bliss. 

It’s one of the different love languages that’s only about undivided attention and care. No distractions! Make them your center of attention for whatever hours you are together. They adore it when you listen actively, make eye contact, and you are fully present to give them some of the best hours of their life. 

  • They say time is precious. It’s both precious and meaningful when you are with the right person who’s all about you at that particular time. 
  • Special moments and memories mean the world to you. You are always up for creating new experiences with your partner. You cherish every bit of it. 
  • They always have time for you, even if it’s a jam-packed day for them. When they prioritize you no matter what, you feel on top of this world. 
  • Last but not least. Even if you are with them and doing nothing, that moment automatically becomes special. That’s when you know you made the right choice in your life. 

5: Acts Of Service

Quality Time one of the five love languages

Actions speak louder than words! 

For some of us or most of us, the ultimate love language is when someone does something kind and special. This particular language focuses on care and understanding that requires time and effort.

It could be in the form of lending a helping hand when in need, cooking meals, helping in chores, talking when we need them, and more such acts of service. 

  • You absolutely love it when your partner participates in household chores and shares responsibilities. 
  • When those tiring days kick by, and your partner takes chores off your plate they can do, you feel taken care of. Isn’t it great? 
  • Even the little acts of service mean you can rely on them. They will be there by your side, no matter what. Isn’t an unspoken love that is louder than words. 

Final Words

To sum it up, there are 5 love languages in total that express love in a unique way. Every love language is special in its own way without comparison. One might work the best for some people and one for others. It’s individual and not to be compared. 

The first step in the entire process should be to unlock and understand what works for both of you. Figure out what’s your and your partner’s love language to make your relationship stronger.  

Out of these five Different love languages types, what’s yours? You can also share more different views on this. We would love to hear from you as well…

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