What Is the Real Meaning of ‘True Love’? Saccha Pyaar by Trulymadly


EVERY Karan Johar movie you see, you will hear the phrase “Saccha Pyaar” multiple times. But what IS Saccha Pyaar? What’s the real meaning of love? 

Is the meaning of true love what we actually see in movies? When you see a beautiful girl or a handsome lad, does the crowd around you break into dance?

Does time slow down dramatically and there is a random shower of flowers or rain? Is it really that easy and real love definition? 

Bro. Hell No… 

But SacchaPyaar is real and it could happen at the blink of an eye or over a period of time. Where and How to find true love? Some people find Saccha Pyaar in school, college or pubs. Some find it on dating apps. 

Dating Apps? Par kaise? Is it safe? There is a thin line between “Saccha Pyaar” and “What a Creep”. One has to make sure to share only what is needed and then slowly build it into Saccha Pyaar. 

It is important to feel comfortable with the person to share your information with them, and even then, share carefully. 

For humans, SacchaPyaar has taken many shapes and forms and over many centuries love has become more and more advanced. 

The idea of love dates back to Ancient Rome of 5th Century B.C. when the world was first introduced to the infamous Valentine’s Day.  

A day of pairing off women to men by lottery. Romans were like “Why auction paintings and sculptures when you can auction off women?!” We owe it to them for this great system called “auctioning”. Salute Brutus! #SacchaPyaar 

In the times of Shakespeare, true love definition was considered to be a test of wits and how far you are willing to go for one another. 

In his play ‘Much Ado About Nothing, Benedick and Beatrice express their love for each other by constantly insulting and abusing each other.

Not an appealing habit bro, drop it girl!! Then there is ‘Romeo and Juliet’, the most iconic love story, that has been adapted and re-written in several different languages and contexts. 

A story of two lovers from two separate parties who fall in love with each other and go to extreme lengths to make sure that they stay on with each other till the time they kill each other for love. 

Shakespeare should really start with a warning sign stating: “The following play consists of unconventional ideas of love. 


Human Beings are a funny race. What is the true love explanation? For some people, it could mean going for a long drive and eating great food. 

For others, it could be sitting at home, stuffing your face with a mammoth-size pizza, while bawling your eyes over some Karan Johar classic. 

For some, the definition of real love relationship could be showering their partner with gifts.

For others, it could be posting the world’s cutest picture with the person you love on Instagram and captioning it #SacchaPyaar. 

It is safe to say that love is the emotion, and Saccha Pyaar, the philosophy behind it. But Saccha Pyaar is that sword that needs to be kept safely inside its sheath if you know what I mean *wink wink*, till the time’s right, the person is right and you got it all added up to ye #MeraSacchaPyaar.

In your definition, what does true love look like? 

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