Is It a Sin to Lose Your Virginity Before Marriage

is it a sin to lose your virginity before marriage

Is it a sin to lose your virginity before marriage? SIN? Really?! 

The problem with virginity is that it is always someone else’s problem. And it is that ‘someone else’ who has decided that virginity is something desirable, something pure, something clean, which, once lost, can never be regained. Goodbye forever!! 

OhPuhleezz!! Give me a break. Why is losing your virginity a big deal? Jeez! 

What Is the Big Deal About When Virginity Is Lost? And Why Is It So Women-Centric?

Girl lost virginity is a topic and why not it’s the same for the other gender? Firstly, people would tend to believe that in women, it can be easily identified even “located”. When is virginity said to be lost? Heard about the hymen? 

A thin little tissue that is supposed to be a part of the vagina!! Since most people have not peered into female bodies, they assume that the hymen is like this huge fleshy iron curtain, which protects female purity, and it seems, the entire izzat and honor of not just the girl but everyone she comes in contact with from the day of her birth seems to be sitting right there – in the hymen which appears to beat the root of societal obsession with women’s bodies and their virginity.

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Enough has been said about this little tissue or losing virginity sex. Suffice to say here that it comes in various forms and formats, is different for each person, and there are many activities besides sex, which can stretch or “break” the hymen.

The pressure of having a hymen intact, in fact, hugely hinders and controls women’s mobility and reduces their participation in games, sports, outings – for the fear that she may “lose it”.

Having a hymen does not mean one is a virgin, neither does not having one, mean that one is not.

And neither is it a morality cum character certificate that apparently all women must try to keep secure.

Most cultures either see women as man devouring, sex-hungry nymphomaniacs or cross-legged hymen preserving goddesses of purity. Real women lie somewhere between the two.

They have lives. They work. They play. And they also enjoy good sex. They are not patient goddesses waiting for that one knight in shining armor, who will pierce through their veil of purity (read hymen) and whoosh them away into a life of sexual pleasure forever and ever. 

Come to think of it, why does this same preoccupation for virginity not figure in the case of these men?

Why are women not encouraged to ask men if they are virgins or if they had lose virginity sex yet? Why are men not expected to “preserve” themselves for that one “Made in India” woman?

In fact, a man not having had sex “sorted” is commonly seen as a “loser” – despite having all his “izzat” intact. “Is he still a virgin, Ewww” the same society wonders, which pressurizes a woman to keep hers. Odd that one, haan?!

Virginity is not some precious, coveted status that a woman must not lose under any circumstance.

The hymen is not some wedding gift she is supposed to preserve for her one and only, saat janmon ke pati dev.

There is a more important status to keep intact than that of virginity! Try respect, equality, integrity to get started.

Is losing your virginity a sin? What do you think? 

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