21 Different Types of Kisses to Express Your Love in a Relationship


Different types of kisses include different meanings, from a gentle peck on the lips to a more passionate kiss entwined with tongues. Furthermore, research has shown that kissing is one of the most effective ways to show care and affection towards your partner.

Besides sharing empathy, kissing offers various health benefits, such as boosting happy hormones and reducing blood pressure. We have listed the best types of kisses so you can express love to your partner.

Types of Kisses to Express Your Love

1. French Kiss: Most Pleasurable Type of Kiss

French is a classic and steamy type of kiss and takes a bit of time to master. French kiss is the combination and movement of lips, tongue, and saliva. Moreover, it is also one of the most intense and pleasurable types of kisses.

Besides making your makeout session intense, it also has various health benefits, such as reducing blood pressure, boosting self-esteem, and burning calories. Furthermore, you can even share your passion and the will of commitment towards your partner with a french kiss.

2. Single-lip Kiss: Best Starter Kiss

A single-lip kiss is one of the easiest and best types of kiss to start a makeout. It is an easy kiss and requires you to kiss on your partner’s bottom lip while they kiss on your upper lip or vice versa.

Furthermore, single-lip kisses are an effective way to show affection toward your partner. This type of kiss also helps in relieving stress and reducing anxiety while increasing your bond.

3. Vampire Kiss: Deep and Passionate Type of Kiss

A vampire kiss is not like what it sounds or what you might have seen in movies. It is a deep and passionate kiss to express your love. It requires you to kiss on your partner’s nape by involving little saliva plays and some gentle bitings. It is also one of the most sensual types of kisses and is best done in a private place rather than in a public sitting.

Although a vampire kiss is one of the most sensual kisses, it is not the best kiss for health benefits.

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4. Prolonged Kiss: One of the Most Romantic Types of Kisses

Just like the name suggests, prolonged kisses are one of the most romantic and awaited kisses shared between couples after being apart for a long time. The duration of prolonged kisses often goes upto a couple of minutes. These kisses are much similar to french kisses, while the only difference between them is the time duration.

Furthermore, prolonged kisses are one of the most effective type of kiss to increase the trust and bonding of a relationship as they are highly entwined with emotions.

5. American Kiss: Best Kiss for Erotic Rush

American kiss is an intense and romantic kiss and is much similar to french kiss. However, unlike french kiss, American kisses do not involve the use of tongues. They are also one of the strongest types of kisses to feel an erotic rush.

Similar to french kiss, American kiss also includes various health benefits and is an effective way to show passion and affection towards your partner.

6. Drink Kiss: Most Fun Kiss

Drink Kiss is a unique and fun type of kiss which can be done anywhere. It requires one partner to take a sip of a drink and then try to pour the drink into your partner’s mouth with a kiss.

It is a playful type of kiss and is an excellent way to boost self-esteem and relieve anxiety and stress while increasing the bonding of a relationship.

7. Lip Trace Kiss: Playful Yet Flirty Type of Kiss

Lip trace is a flirty type of kiss and is mostly done in foreplays to enjoy an erotic rush. It is done by gently kissing in between your partner’s lips with your tongue. Moreover, it is a flirty, playful, and slow type of kiss to get your partner aroused.

Furthermore, Lip trace has various health benefits, such as boosting happy hormones, reducing blood pressure, soothing headaches, and more.

8. Candy Kiss: Relive Your Childhood Memories in a Sensual Way

Candy kiss requires you and your partner to pop different flavor candies in your mouth and make your way from a single-lip kiss to a french kiss. It is a flirty yet playful type of kiss. Furthermore, It is also one of the best ways to relive your childhood in the most sensual way possible.

Moreover, this playful kiss can increase your relationship’s bond and trust level and help increase self-esteem and reduce blood pressure.

9. Eskimo Kiss: A Cute and Playful Kiss

It takes cues from the Eskimo culture and involves rubbing your nose back and forth with your partner. Moreover, you can add your own touch by adding single-lip kisses during the process.

It is a cute and playful type of kiss and can boost your relationship’s bond and self-esteem.

10. Sugar Kiss: Best Kiss For Sweet Tooth Couple

Sugar kiss is one of the most playful yet erotic types of kisses which is perfect for a sweet tooth couple. The kiss requires both partners to put a food item like ice cream or chocolate in their mouth and kiss the way they want until it melts.

It is an erotic type of kiss and can go upto a couple of minutes. Although it is a good way to show passion and affection, doing this on a regular basis can cause cavities.

11. EARLOBE KISS: A Kiss on Ears

Ear lobes are two small folds of skin that sit just below the ears. Grab your partner’s ear lobe with your lips and put your tongue to work. This kiss requires a gentle motion of sucking and is an erotic type of kiss to seduce your partner.

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12. Air Kiss: A Formal Kiss for All Relationship

It is more of a formal kiss and is generally done to ones you hold dear. This kiss requires you to put your cheek against your partner’s and make a simple kiss sound.

13. Hand Kiss: Best Greeting Kiss

It is a common greeting gesture kiss that can be done to show politeness, courtesy, admiration, respect, and even devotion towards your partner. However, this kiss is mostly used in dating because it can look a bit tender when your in a relationship.

14. Cheek Kiss: Cute Greeting Gesture

A cheek kiss is a common and platonic greeting gesture that is mostly shared between couples, friends, and family members. Moreover, this kiss can be done anywhere and on any occasion. It only requires you to gently kiss your partner’s cheek.

15. Wet Kiss: An Erotic Kiss

Wet kiss might not be for everyone, as it requires a little water play which you or your partner might not be comfortable with. However, those who are ready to try it can start this kiss by being a little wet and making your way from a single lip kiss to a french or American kiss.

16. Vacuum Kiss: A Fun and Challenging Kiss

It is an open-mouthed kiss that does not necessarily require the role of saliva or tongue. It requires the couple to create a vacuum by sucking the air out of each other’s mouth by kissing.

17. Underwater Kiss: A Sensual Kiss in the Water

It is a must-do kiss if you and your partner know how to swim and can hold your breath underwater for a few seconds. It requires the couple to hold their breath underwater and pass air through a kiss.

18. Ice Kiss: A Cold but Hot Kiss

Spice things up by being a little cold with a piece of ice. Ice kiss requires one partner to hold a piece of ice between their lips and passionately start kissing the other partner. Furthermore, different variations of kisses can be used to make it even more interesting, and the kiss can go on till the ice melts.

19. Spider-man Kiss: A Kiss from a Famous Movie

Remember the scene from the spider-man movie where our friendly neighbour gives MJ an upside-down kiss? Although in real life, the spider-man kiss is a bit different. It requires one partner to lie on a couch or bed while the other partner kisses them from an upside-down angle.

20. Bite Kiss: A Variation of French Kiss

Although its name is bite kiss, take the phrase very lightly and don’t slide along with your emotions. It is a variation of the french kiss, and it starts with a gentle biting on either the upper or lower lip of your partner and then slowly involves tongue play. It is a passionate kiss to feel an erotic rush and can help in reducing blood pressure and boosting happy hormones. 

21. Butterfly Kiss: A Kiss of Lip and Eyelashes

Butterfly kiss requires you to sit close to your partner and touch their eyelashes with yours and start by gently kissing their lip while slowly flickering your eyes. It is a playful type of kiss and is an excellent kiss to showcase your attachment to your partner. Butterfly kiss also helps in boosting happy hormones and reducing stress and anxiety. 


There are different types of kisses in a relationship, and it is a simple gesture that can mean a lot. Kisses are also great for showing appreciation and affection towards your partner. Moreover, kissing also has a positive impact on emotional and physical well-being. In addition, kissing releases endorphins which can help in relieving pain and stress.

Various health benefits come with kissing, such as reducing blood pressure, cramps, headaches, calories, etc. 

However, the only thing you should keep in mind is to consider the time and place before deciding on the types of kisses.

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