9 Reasons Why Sex Is Important In A Relationship?

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Do you think a long-term relationship can survive without sex? Yes? No? Maybe? 

The question that is sex important in a relationship cannot have a one-size-fits all answer. Can a romantic relationship survive without sex? Yes! Each person is unique with their own sets of beliefs and desires. If it’s acceptable for one person, the other might not be okay with it. 

Therefore, the reasons why sex is important in a relationship we will be stating below are general and do not define how a relationship should be in terms of physical intimacy.

Love Sex and Relationships

Sex with someone you love exceeds physical closeness. Here’s how!

why sex is important in a relationship

1. You Feel Closer To Your Partner

If you think sex is only associated with pleasure and that it limits itself there, we have more to add. Indulging in sexual activities results in the release of the oxytocin hormone in the hypothalamus. The oxytocin rush is involved in sex’s physical part and enhances emotions like love, affection, and euphoria. As a result, you start to feel more connected with your lover. 

2. Sex is a Way to Show Love and Affection

How important is sex to a man in a relationship? Just like women, men find sexual intimacy to be fulfilling in a long-term relationship. Having sexual desire for your partner is linked to showing them love. 

No doubt you can have sex even if love is absent, but will it be fulfilling? Maybe! You can enjoy sex physically without love being present, but an emotion of emptiness might follow.

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3. Higher Happiness Rate in a Relationship

Does more sex equal more happiness for couples? Well, not every case can be the same, but frequent sex boosts positive moods among couples. Also, good sex is definitely linked to well-being, resulting in an enhanced happiness level that partners enjoy together.

4. Better Good Night Sleep

Couples can have a sound night’s sleep together after sex. Why? After an orgasm, the body releases a hormone called prolactin, like oxytocin. This hormone induces relaxing feelings that help promote a pleasant sleep cycle. Also, sex results in a reduced cortisol level in the body, a hormone responsible for causing stress. Even some studies have revealed that these hormonal changes cause drowsiness, which aids in better sleep.

5. The Intimacy Extends Outside the Bedroom

Especially for people with physical touch as their primary love language, sex creates an intimacy loop. The more sex you have inside the closed doors, the more intimacy you feel outside the doors. Intimate touch is a gateway of affection you two share.

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6. Post Sex Cuddles, The Best

Enjoying all the snuggles from your partner is one of the most satisfying feelings and also the best cosy part of your relationship, right? It even builds a stronger relationship, according to multiple studies and experts. Kissing and cuddling followed by sex make a relationship happier, but there should be sex to enjoy those benefits. What do you think?

7. Sex Boosts Confidence

Sex can be a body-loving and confidence-boosting moment for some people—in fact, many people. We, as human beings, are bound by the law of emotions to have some insecurities that can affect the relationships we share with certain people. Talking about relationships in particular, when validation, in any form, comes from someone we love and trust, it aids in boosting confidence that reflects and stays.

8. Sex Gives You Emotional High

Sex aftermaths include releasing a lot of good hormones with the same effects that you get after an intense workout session: the blissful afterglow. How does it work? Sex releases,

  • Dopamine: Boosts a sense of happiness
  • Testosterone: Improves performance
  • Endorphins: Reduces stress

All these hormones combined play a major role in human pair bonding, which works like relationship glue while also fostering positive feelings. Therefore, along with an immediate gratification, sex creates multiple lasting hangovers like mood and emotional bonding.

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9. Sex Supports Weight Loss

Sex in love relationships has something exciting to offer too. Couples who workout together stay happy and healthy, which is true in terms of weight management. Well, this is the best part of encountering sex with your partner. Experts say that 30 minutes of sex burns around 200 calories. Chemicals released during sex kill food cravings and limit your calorie intake. When keeping up with health together could be so blissful, why not? 

Final Words

When deciding how important is sex with someone you love, it clearly has multiple benefits that lead to a loving and stronger relationship. Having said that, building a strong relationship with intimacy is still possible without sex being involved, in case you are unable to sexually involve with your partner for whatever reasons. 

But if that’s the case, ask yourself why it’s happening. You can seek a sex therapist to work through your relationship.

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