10 Reasons to Use Condoms: The Ultimate Guide to Make Sex Better

10 Reasons to Use Condoms: The Ultimate Guide to Make Sex Better
  • Did you know that more than 25 different diseases can be transmitted sexually? 

  • Did you know that many STDs have no symptoms? 

  • Did you know that condoms actually boost pleasure? 

These facts bring us to the reasons to use condoms we will cover in this blog.  

Multiple pieces of research about condoms talk about their efficacy against HIV- The most deadly sexually transmitted infection. 

One of the primary reasons to use condoms? Not only HIV, using condoms while consummating also acts as a protective barrier against unintended pregnancies along with a shield against gonorrhea, chlamydia & trichomoniasis. 

When discussing cervical cancer (an HPV-associated disease) reducing rate, condoms also have a major role to play here. 

Today’s youth must get easy access and the right information about the benefits of using condoms to protect their health & lives. Here’s an elaborate guide to take you through the importance of using condoms and other vital pieces of information. But before that, here are some of the excuses you can hear your partner making for not wearing a condom. 

  1. Condom reduces pleasure.
  2. Cannot find the right size.
  3. I am too big for a condom.
  4. He can’t find the right condom.
  5. Condom is an interruption. 

1. Condoms and STD Prevention

During penetrative sex, both external & internal condoms are the only effective ways to stop STI transmission, says Kecia Gaither, MD, who’s double board-certified in OB-GYN and maternal-fetal medicine.

During cunnilingus (stimulation of the female genitals using the tongue or lips) & anilingus (sexual stimulation of the anus by the tongue or mouth), using safety precautions reduce the risk of sexually transmitted diseases, that’s highly underrated.

How Condoms Reduce The Risk Of STD? 

It blocks the direct contact between the skin, genitals, mucosa, and secretions that are responsible for sexually transmitted infections & diseases.  

2. Saves You From Unwanted Pregnancy

  1. Diaphragms: 96% effective
  2. Cervical Caps: 77% to 83% effective
  3. Sponges: 76% effective
  4. The Ring: 91% effective

When it comes to preventing pregnancy, both external and internal condoms are effective. 

(i) External Condoms

When used in the right way, external condoms are 99% effective. Please read ‘when used in the right way’ again and again. 

But as we know, perfection is tough; it would be right to say that condoms are 85% effective where unwanted pregnancies are concerned. 

So what’s the right way? 

  • Never forget to check the expiry date.
  • Never double bag. 
  • One condom is meant for one-time use. 
  • To be taken off when erection starts to lose. 
  • Put it on before any type of genital contact. 
  • It’s advised to use it with lubes (remember to avoid oil-based lubes, arousal oils & massage oils that are responsible for degrading latex) 
  • For ejaculation, leave some space. One to two centimeters are good. 

(ii) Internal Condoms

Though they are 95% effective, human errors can reduce effectiveness to 75%. 

So what’s the right way?

  • Never forget to check the expiry date.
  • Wear it before any vaginal contact. 
  • Never double bag. One is enough. 
  • Never use an internal condom like an external condom. 
  • It should not be twisted. 
  • One condom is meant for one-time use. Never re-use. 
  • It should be in place when the penis goes inside. 
  • If the condom has semen, the outer ring must be twisted before removing it. 

Not that hard, right? 

3. Safe Alternatives Are Available With No Side-Effects!

As per America’s Asthma & Allergy Foundation, only 1% of the total population is allergic to latex. This means the chances of side effects are pretty low. It’s one of the prominent advantages of using condoms. 

For that 1%, there are non-latex condoms made with polyisoprene, polyurethane, or polyethylene that are equally effective against STIs & STDs.  

4. Easy Access & Cheaper

You can easily get your hands on a pack of your choice from any drug store, grocery store, mart, or multi-purpose mega shop at a very affordable price. Even in some cities, you can buy them online in just a few clicks. It’s one reason why it’s an easy and convenient option preferred by most.

5. Boosts Sexual Pleasure

The importance of condoms is not just limited to STDs, infections, pregnancies, etc.

Myth: Condoms are a barrier to sexual pleasure. 

Truth: Condoms make sex even better. 


  • The options available, like ribbed, dotted, etc., actually enhance the sensation that adds to the pleasure. 
  • If you are stressed about sex-related problems, it directly leads to making it less enjoyable. Using a condom to be stress-free is an indirect way to enjoy intimacy with your partner. 

6. The Penetrative Sex Lasts Longer

One of the best reasons to use condoms is sex’s durability. 

Both for penis owners & their partners who wish ejaculation doesn’t happen quickly, condoms are the secret. They allow the male to stay longer without orgasming, which brings in a double dose of pleasure. 

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7. Now The Variety

By now, you must be aware of endless condom varieties that are made, keeping in mind to provide the users with a variety of experiences that’s not even possible in unsafe sex. 

Different lubrication is available, like fire, ice, chilly, etc., that enhance sensations like crazy. Mutually agree & have unlimited fun. 

8. Reduce Risks of Other Infections

Condoms to prevent STDs are a full-proof plan, but they also save from other infections that are a complete add-on. How?

Semen is known to disbalance the vagina’s pH, which makes it hard for the bacteria that fight infection to survive. Condoms do not allow semen to come in contact with the vagina, which keeps the normal pH level balanced. 

9. The Clean-Up Process is Quick & Easy

It could be one reason why condom is important for many people. You don’t have to shower or mess things up with tissues every time you have sex. Good point? What do you say? 

10. Be a Responsible Adult

Enjoyment is one part of sex, while safety is yet another very vital part that must be taken care of. Using a condom means you are vigilant about your sexual health; that speaks volumes. 

The Final Verdict

We believe the 10 reasons to use condoms above are enough to convince you of the importance of condoms during sexual intimacy with your partner. 

It’s OKAY and right to depend on other methods, but given how everything happens externally with ease, adopting this method over others is a big thumbs up.

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