Inky Pinky Ponky: Which Contraception Methods to Choose From?

different contraceptive methods

INKY PINKY PONKY… that silly little rhyme to help us make choices, from which shirt to wear, to which route to follow, and now helps in making different contraceptive method choices.

Really? Just kidding. Using contraceptives is an informed choice that we make, right? If it’s not, it should be an informed choice. 

Choices of different contraceptive methods are wonderful, but they can be confusing too. But INKY PINKY PONKY can’t help us make real choices. Some real life analysis will help us get the answer. 

Now most importantly, who is in charge of protection? – Both, I hope!

Protection is both the partners’ responsibility. Toh choices kya hain? Which contraceptive method to go with? 

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Contraceptive Method, Especially for Women

  • Effectiveness: If there are choices, it’s clear that one must be better than the other, and so on. To put it this way, one that requires least effort is the best birth control method. Yes, condoms. Easy-peasy. 
  • Reversible Effect: Always consider your long-term reproduction goals while using contraceptives. 
  • Side-Effects: Consulting a doctor is always advisable if you two mutually agree on female contraceptives as a birth control method. 
  • It Should Fit The Women’s Lifestyle: In case of pills, yes. You can’t be irregular or irrepressible with birth control pills.
  • Health Conditions: Something that’s going inside your body has to do a lot with your health.

Different Contraceptive Methods

  • Since, pull out and pray is not a contraceptive choice, gentlemen, you have your very own Brahamastra – Condoms!! Condoms are the most common, the simplest and easiest to use, least intrusive, found at every chemist, and every super market. I mean, come on, nothing can be easier than condoms. 
  • Next, totally opposite. Buffet of choices but this time for women. Pills, injectables, IUDs, female condoms, patch, spermicides, and the Morning after pill. Pyaar se log usse ECP kehty hain- Emergency Contraceptive Pill. Only to be used in an Emergency, got it? Not as in National Emergency, silly. They might be the most effective birth control, but the emergency is the keyword here to look for. These methods have to be used inside the bodies. Pills have to be eaten, IUDs have to be inserted, injectables have to be injected, and ECP needs an emergency situation and action. Even the best birth control method can have its set of disadvantages because choice comes at a cost.

While the many choices are very comforting, choosing out of those choices is not as simple as choosing a shade of hair color. Ab body ke ander kuchh dalega, to boss, uske baare mein poori jankari lena mangta hai

Women contraceptive choices! Varied bodies, varied circumstances, varied needs. No one size fits all. Can you remember to take the contraceptive pills every day?

What if your periods stop due to use of injectables? Are female condoms like male condoms and can you negotiate its use? Just because you have more choices doesn’t mean it’s her burden to carry.

No doubt if used well and properly, contraceptives today are rather effective. Though it can be confusing to choose from, each of these methods is very effective. Moving on…

Simply put, if the pleasure from sex is shared, the attention to protection from unwanted pregnancies and infections should also come from both partners.

Have that pillow talk on contraception methods! To ensure that sex is pleasurable and safe includes the discussion on different contraceptive methods. Pleasure can’t be one way. Neither can responsibility. 

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