The Difference Between Contraceptive Pill and Birth Control Pill

Your Quick Guide To Difference Between Contraceptive Pill and Birth Control Pill

A contraceptive pill is a single pill that’s made to stop unwanted pregnancy after unsafe sex or any kind of birth control blunder. On the other hand, birth control pills are to be consumed daily for a period of time when you want to prevent getting pregnant. 

The focus point here is that contraceptive pills must not be used as birth control pills. Learn more about the difference between contraceptive pill and birth control pills in this blog. 

The Terminology!

Don’t you think the terminology around these two very different pills is all jumbled up? Why? Because birth control pills are also referred to as oral contraceptives sometimes. EC is referred to as emergency contraception morning after pill. So many names, right? So being confused is very obvious. Or it could be a lack of knowledge. In this blog, morning after pill vs birth control information will provide you with clarity. 

How Does The Emergency Contraceptive Pill Work?

An emergency contraceptive pill prevents ovulation, that is, it doesn’t allow the egg and the sperm to meet. Many people confuse taking contraceptive pill with abortion. No, it’s not the fact. Abortion happens after the sperm has fertilized the egg. An EC pill works before that stage. If you’re already pregnant, there’s no use consuming an emergency contraceptive pill. 

The sooner you take the pill, the more effective it is. 

The ‘emergency’ in Emergency Contraceptive Pill is to be taken seriously.

How Does Birth Control Pills Work?

Birth control pills somewhat work in the same way as an emergency contraceptive pill. These pills also delay ovulation and do not allow the egg to meet the sperm. Additionally, it thickens the cervical mucus that stops sperms from entering the uterus. These pills also work by thinning uterus lining that doesn’t allow a fertilized egg to attach to the ovary. 

Contraceptive Pill VS Birth Control Pill

Let’s start with the basic definition first. 

  • Birth Control: Birth control means controlling the birth of a child as per parent’s wish.  
  • Contraception: It’s a mix of two words, contra and conception. It means anti-birth or anything that stops pregnancy. 

Many people tend to use both these terms synonymously. But, it’s different. If you’re looking for the specific difference between birth control pills and emergency contraceptive, allow us to unfold it for you. 

So basically, when the male’s sperm is prevented from fertilizing the female’s egg, it’s called contraception. It’s just limited to that. Birth control has a broader role to play that also includes contraception. 

Can An Emergency Contraceptive Pill be Taken As Birth Control Pills?

The main difference between contraception and birth control is that an emergency contraceptive pill doesn’t provide ongoing protection from unwanted pregnancy. It’s only after the initial encounter that these EC pills are effective.

If you have sex again after consuming an EC pill, you’re not protected like birth control pills. Like mentioned above, for ongoing protection against unwanted pregnancy, EC pills are not the solution. 

If we talk about the effectiveness of birth control and morning after pill, birth control methods will take the lead. If you take a contraceptive pill within 24 hours of having unprotected sex, it’s 95% effective in that case. Birth pills if taken regularly and perfectly are 99% effective. 

If, in case, you have to consume EC pills twice or thrice a year, consider switching to birth control because it’s a safer, effective, and affordable alternative.

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Different Methods Of Birth Control & Contraception

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A Quick Final Verdict On Contraceptives VS Birth Control

It won’t be wrong if we associate contraception with some sort of a thing, material, device, etc that must be used when an ‘emergency.’

Birth control is associated with a general term for a number of activities including medical aid to control childbirth and look into family planning.

We hope now you are clear about the difference between contraceptive pills and birth control pills.

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