Is It Good or Bad Decision Taking Emergency Contraceptive Pills

emergency contraception pill

Emergency Contraception Pill aka ‘Morning After Pill’ is an over-the-counter drug that has to be taken within 72 hours of unsafe sex, sooner the better. How does ECP work, or if there are side effects of emergency contraceptive pills? We will cover this elaborately in the upcoming blog. 

Can it be used as a ‘safe sex’ substitute? Ki unsafe sex kar daala, ECP jhingalala? Absolute NO! ECP is NOT a substitute for safe sex measures. And a bigger NO for unsafe big O! The E in ECP stands for EMERGENCY, not Everyday!!

Take a dive down (Right now, just in this reading list – curb the enthu!!)

  • When you go on the cricket field, no matter how excited you are to play, you take a helmet for your safety. When you are riding the Bullet, a helmet is a must for your safety. Riding Bhi, safety bhi! Why not the same for sex? It is such a pleasure-filled, fun-filled, stress-free thing; why would you not use safety and add stress to your plate. 

Just because women have more options doesn’t mean contraception is only a women’s responsibility. We can’t run with, “Not my body, not my pill”. Of course, as sex ke co-raahi, both the partners need to be responsible. Ok, things happen! In the event you both were not so careful, RUN, not away but to the chemist. Grab the ECP! ASAP! Offer it to her, and then watch over her! With care and responsibility, sooner than later of the 72 hours.

How Does Emergency Contraceptive Pill (ECP) Work?

It can be risky too! ECP contains a stronger dose of whatever hormone regular birth control pills contain. They are not known to have long-term adverse effects but expect changes in the period cycle – big or small. Also, not every woman will have the same reaction to pills. But, ECP is not the answer to all your safer sex prayers! Sexually transmitted infections – “naam to sunna Hoga?” For which we have one fab product – Condoms – “naam toh suna hoga?

Also, Abortion pills and ECP are not twin siblings – Mugguru Monagallu – that’s a film about triplets BTW!! Both are very different in nature, and if someone is already pregnant, then ECP can’t help. So please don’t be self neem-hakeem, and do not consider an ECP to terminate the pregnancy and don’t gulp down abortion pills for unsafe sex, and read points 1 – 3 again.

Last but not the least, after you take ECPs and your periods are delayed for three weeks or more, a home pregnancy test is recommended. If a player is run out, you still do a replay, right? Similarly, you might have run out of pregnancy with ECP; a check might be a good idea in case of periods delays.

So now that you have read about the ins and outs of ECP, we hope you really are on your way to becoming a sexy guru. Reliable knowledge about safe sex is sexy, no! Also, get added brownie points from your partner. Go rock your partner’s world but before you take on the journey. ECP is the last resort and is only taken in an emergency!

So how does emergency contraceptive pill work? The first pointer that you must keep in mind is EMERGENCY. 

‘Pleasure nahao, safety falo!’

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