Addicted to Pornography? Porn Myths That Don’t Happen in Real Life

Addicted to Pornography

Before the lockdown, our days were divided by breakfast, lunch and dinner. Now, it’s YouTube, Netflix and Pornhub. 

Are you addicted to pornography? You believed it? You love it? Do you follow it? Do you take inspiration? Later in the blog we will be busting some fun facts about porn. 

Many times such words have fallen out of our own lips, loosely translated!

“Kaash mera sex life bhi aisa hota.”  

Hell, mine is a peanut. Life Sucks.

Don’t tell me those are real, Hell, My Life Sucks.

Tu Duracell par chalu cho? – still at it? My Life is Over!

But what’s the truth behind the fantasy of porn?

Is Porn real? I mean… It is EXACTLY what it looks like or there is more to it? Ladies and gentlemen, if you feel like your sex life isn’t popping off like how it is in Pornos, you have nothing to worry about. These myths about porn must be dropped. It’s a reel thing! 

E.g. moving swiftly on to the first point which is that every time you have sex, you need to orgasm. 

Have you ever had sex and been like, “Aaj orgasm nahi hua… Sex must’ve been bad.” BLAME THE PORNOS. Hello – it’s not a given!!

The body makes its own rules and decides when to orgasm or not. Porn shows extremely exaggerated portrayals of sex which are highly unreal, unfortunately. Myth porn One, Busted!!

The second myth is the duration of the sex shown. In Pornos, we are made to believe that they can last for a VERY long time but when you try it at home, most of the time you are done faster than Maggie. That’s the real truth. 

The third myth is that SIZE MATTERS. Big breasts, big penises, and big butts, the three pillars of pornography. But it is just one of the porn myths. SIZE DOES NOT MATTER. Read that again. Myth 3, Dumped.

Size is a matter of taste and not a matter of how appealing you are. Ladies and gentlemen, you are all beautiful, regardless of size. 

Finally, the most important myth to bust. SEX WITH A CONDOM? Since inspiration is the main “maksad” of the world of Porn, let viewers get inspired. Why is that one item never given even a Guest Appearance?

You know what’s better than sex without a condom? Having a healthy and safe genital area, so that when your partner sees you without clothes, the first question is not, “Eww – I’ve never seen any such thing before!!”

So lastly, is pornography real? NOT REALLY! It’s supposed to arouse your feelings, entertain you, and keep you engaged. Everything in that matter can’t be true or real. 

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