10+ Healthy Tips on Having Sex for the First Time

tips on having sex for the first time

Everything About on How to Have Safe Sex for the First Time

  • Drink a glass of cold water before you start passionate sex. Not that you may have a heart attack mid-way, but because that’s your alarm to ensure you are using protection. This is probably one of the must tips on having sex for the first time. Sex without protection is like watching a Varun Dhawan movie. You have great fun watching it, but after that, you wonder why you did it.
  • Having sex for the first time comes with a lot of responsibilities from both partners. One is safe sex. Practice asking: “I hope you are carrying a condom”. Say it again. Don’t feel guilty. Asking your partner to use protection does not mean you do not trust/love them. It means that you are the smart one here.

first time sex tips

  • If you think you know everything about sex, it’s not true. You need to explore and experiment. Make it fun and erotic. Carry a bundle of love cards! In case you feel a zabardast urge to show your love to your partner, or are just buying time to reconsider, get by presenting a soppy love poem. A not-so-commonly used tactic that can save you from any compulsion to jump right into bed or any act of sex you may not have thought about so much, yet.
  • How to have safe sex? Is it precaution only? There’s more to it. Don’t Assume. Just because they turn around, or pick up their half split mobile or sneeze, or nod hello in the metro, or wear an outfit in your favorite color, or like the same kind of food as you, does Not mean they are trying to give you “the vibe?” The only way you can be certain that someone likes you is IF they SAY SO TO YOU.
  • Check your own self out first. Be sure of how you feel about yourself before you jump into the first relationship that you come across. If your self-esteem is kinda low that you keep tripping over it, you may trip into any half-assed relationship also. Love who you are and how this person makes you feel, and chances are, the “partner” will do so too.
having sex for the first time
complete guide to sex
  • One of the information abt sex/love/partnership that you must know is do not to believe everything you see in the movies. A lover or partner who is physically abusive or emotionally hurting or is psychologically scarring you is not the star you are making them out to be, they are Perps. That’s it. Dump it Now. This, my friend, is abuse, not Love.
  • First time having sex? Second time? Third time? Or you forget the count? Doesn’t matter. Take sex seriously. Get all the information you think you need. BEFORE IT. And Porn is not the “source”. Let’s say, don’t get into a car if you do not know the difference between an accelerator and an axle. Or do you think the seat belt is a modern-day variation of the Chastity Belt? Learn, gather, inform, and then, once you’ve earned the ‘license’ and are in a car that is nice and comfortable and not intimidating or demanding, then agree to take the steering wheel and drive. Smooth. Within the speed limit. And don’t forget the seat belt!
  • First time sex tips also include breaking myths on hymen. Stop agonizing about a nonissue such as virginity. It’s only an issue for others. Let them deal with it.

first time sex tips

  • How to have great sex? Ask and Tell. About what gives you and your partner pleasure. About what is permissible and what is not. What gives delight, and what is a strict no-no. Discuss intimacy. Don’t treat sex, pleasure, and consent as taboo topics that you will explore once in bed. The more you know about each other’s pleasures and desires, the better will be your intimacy.
  • Read books, those which explore intimacy among adults. This first time sex guide, or in general, will help build a world where women can openly desire and demand sexual pleasure. And not be termed ‘loose’, ‘slut’, ‘ho’ and all other nice names society has come up with, only cos they can’t handle female sexuality.

Your complete guide to sex also includes these unsaid and uncommon MUSTS that you must keep in the back of your mind.

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