How to Deal With an Unplanned Pregnancy

how to deal with an unplanned pregnancy

Choosing to have sex with your partner has to be one of the most pleasure-positive and affirming choices.

Safer sex practices can ensure that there is no regret after the steamy ‘sexomance’. But what if the couple is pregnant and it is an unplanned pregnancy.

Dealing with unplanned pregnancy can be tough, but that’s not the end of the world.

To help you in the same, below are some tips for coping with an unplanned pregnancy.

#1 The evergreen answer to how to deal with unwanted pregnancy is

do not let it happen in the first place. Always partner the orgasms with Almighty condoms and other birth control measures, not only to cover you from unwanted pregnancy but also to shield you from sexually transmitted infections and diseases. But if you have missed your periods, do not panic. Take a home pregnancy test. Sometimes, periods can be delayed due to stress as well.

#2 Home Pregnancy Test

Take this test after 10 days of unsafe sex or as soon as you delay your period. Please remember that the morning urine sample is better and midstream urine is recommended. Follow instructions given on the back of the packaging. Positive? Follow instructions on how to deal with an unplanned pregnancy, too. 

#3 Result

Better for couples to see the result together so that you can support her in case the result comes positive or celebrate in case it comes negative (With safety and consent of course). Positive result does not mean that women have to do a ‘Meena Kumari’ in full form, or for men to run to the opposite corner of the world.  Nor does it signify a “good reason to get married”. Far from it. Sit down and weigh the situation with each other to decide what you want to do. Remember men, SHE DECIDES and you SUPPORT her. Dealing with unexpected pregnancy is tough for both, but it can be doubly tough for her. 

#4 ALWAYS contact a registered doctor.

Do not go to self proclaimed doctors and Under the Tree operators or self administering abortion pills. It may seriously impact her health. Take her to a registered doctor who knows what they are doing. Also, the duration of pregnancy plays an important role in deciding upon the methods for the couple to not undergo the pregnancy. Follow your doctor’s advice.

#5 Support

Support is the best answer for how to deal with unexpected pregnancy. Support Her and Him as well. Talk to trusted friends or elders and share what you are feeling. Maintain a healthy diet and follow the doctor’s suggestion. Be there for your partner emotionally. It can be draining for both the partners and supporting each other is important, whether you are in a relationship or not!

So LoveBugs, the best sex is when it’s safe sex and you can enjoy each other, without giving a F*ig! Keep it safe, sexy, and trauma free.

And don’t leave your partner to experience the outcome of sexual encounters, whatever they may be by themselves. Human up!

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