Getting Ready? ? Find Out Tips on How to Have Safe Sex First Time!

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Safe sex tips list say a lot? Let’s make it simpler for you! 

Allow me to break it down for you: Having sex with someone new, especially in a digital world like ours, comes with a lot of responsibility.

But no, it’s not as grim as I just made it sound. The sexy times you can’t wait to have with your partner(s) could be made sexier, fun, adventurous and more.

All you gotta do is play safe. How to make safe sex is not only about “condoms to le liye aur kya chahiye” safe.

Dekho, so the deal is we want you all to go out there and really get some! You name it – kinky, coy, awkward, hardcore, chains and balls – we want you to have all of it.

But not without unequivocal consent from both sides and communication (that is not limited to just vague signals) to begin with.

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So if you have really made it clear that you cannot wait to get into each others’ pants, then grab that pack of condoms and head for orgasm-town, will you?!

But in case one of you, or both, are still confused, go easy. Unlike what Bollywood has convinced you into believing, aggressively chasing down (Raanjhanaa), emotionally manipulating (Kabir Singh) or obsessively stalking (Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya) will not get you laid.

You’ll definitely get a restraining order against you, though. But keeping some stuff in mind definitely improves your chances of getting laid. 

To begin with, talk.

This includes listening too. For many, sex for the first time with a new partner is not just an exciting prospect; it could be confusing too.

Unless you both enthusiastically express that you can’t wait, you could do other fun and naughty stuff! Start by telling each other what you like – dirty talk while doing the deed or not, role play or not, 69 or not, etc. As they say, a stimulating chat with your partner is some sexy foreplay right there!

Remember, there are countless other ways of ‘how to have safe sex’ and to have fun at the same time. Going down and masturbating each other, for instance.

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You know, just because your partner is not ready for sex yet, does not mean you completely nerd out and zone out with your Murakami! But “permissan lena mat bhuliega”.

You should be open to unlearning. For instance, sex is not just about climaxing – more importantly, you all need to have a good time while at it. If you have gone through the first time with new partner tips, which we are sure you must have, you will know it’s not just about satisfaction, orgasm, or staying for longer. It’s about being comfortable and ready. 

Don’t jump on the ‘pulling-out method’ wagon and use condoms instead because they are 98 percent times fool-proof. Read a lot about first time sex tips as they’re going to help you for sure. 

No, not all of you are Ross and Rachel from FRIENDS to land in the 2 percent category! Quit being scared and do your homework.

And if in doubt, remember that WebMD is not your friend unless you want to be told that you are not just pregnant but also dying from at least five diseases.

Visit an actual doctor! Here is a popularly-approved list of non-judgemental and friendly doctors in India you could visit the next time-

We hope your doubts on how to do safe sex and have an immense amount of pleasure at the same time are clear.

On that note, happy, safe bang-bang and makeout sessions to you all!

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