How to Have Safe Sex: Sex Is Like a Password, Best When Kept Safe.

How to Have Safe Sex

To quote the great philosopher of the 21st Century, Lil Wayne, “Safe sex is great sex. Better wear a latex.”

Sex is a very special and intimate moment in a relationship for both partners. Sex has become a big part of any relationship, but many people forget to put the word SAFE in front of the word SEX. Yes, the right thing is SAFE SEX. How to do safe sex? What makes sex safe, you ask?

The answer is (lightly whispers) “Condoms” (a dramatic gasp). How safe are condoms? Another question! Moving on…

A less spoken aspect of ‘what is safe sex practice’ also lies in the treatment of the partners. Many times, there is some act of violence or abuse that may also take place during the act of sex or even outside of it, before or after.

It is important to make sure that your partner feels safe while having sex, not only physically but also emotionally. You want your partner to brag to their friends, saying, “It was A – MAY – ZIINGGG.” 

Let’s get a little deeper into it! 

How Safe Are Condoms

Condom is the best method for SAFE SEX because it works like a barrier between partners in exchanging semen or blood while involved in sexual activities. It would be wrong to say that condoms are totally 100% effective against STIs, but the best for sure when used correctly after proper knowledge. 

If your goal is safe sex dating, never shy away from buying condoms. Condoms are now available for both men and women and are made to be really pleasurable and fun. They provide adequate safety from unwanted situations. 

How to Make Safe Sex

  • When is it safe to have sex? WHEN YOU ARE READY! Have sex only when you both are ready. Sex, for the sake of it, is never the right thing to do, even if it’s protected. The act should be enjoyable as well as respected. 
  • Having one sexual partner with no STIs history is the safest sex practice. 
  • Even if there are no symptoms, undergoing tests and being clear about common infections should be appreciated. 
  • Communicate. Yes! Talk to each other about your needs, wants, and pleasure moments. 
  • Do your homework enough on medicines that you consume in case you two have unsafe sex. 

Some Pleasurable Safe Sexual Activities

  • Cuddling, the cutest, we would say. Cuddle with your partner for hours. 
  • Kissing. Kiss a lot. Burn calories.
  • Massage. OH YES. 
  • Masturbation. Singles, please gather (lol).

Unsafe Sexual Activities to Avoid at All Cost

  • Not wearing a male or female condom. A big NO. If you say withdrawing before the climax is what we do, still NO. Pre-ejaculatory fluid may also contain sperm that can result in pregnancy. Also, there are higher chances of STIs through direct contact. 
  • Having unsafe sex with more than one partner. 
  • Never, ever reuse a condom. 
  • Continuing with a broken condom is a big NO. 
  • How to sex safe? Refrain from exchanging bodily fluids like blood or semen. 
  • Drunk sex might sound like a fantasy, but the risk of being less careful is higher. 
  • JUST ONCE IS OKAY. No, it’s not. 
  • Pressurized sex for the sake of love? Nope again.

Let’s Break Some Sex Myths

  • Condoms make sex less pleasurable. 
  • If you go ask for a condom, it’s embarrassing. 
  • Gay sex or lesbian sex is at a lower risk of STIs.
  • Taking pills every time is safe and healthy. 
  • STIs always have symptoms. 
  • If you are planning sex, it kills the mood. 

Let us all pledge for safe sex dates and prioritize our sexual health. Take care of ourselves. It’s important. 

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