Men Swipe Right but Women Make the First Move

women making the first move

Should women make the first move? Aapko kya lagta hai?

Don’t open the door, wait for him to open it for you! Otherwise, he will think you are too forward! But what if the door is a virtual one?

On a dating site? Or on the phone? Should the woman continue to abide by this age-old enforced chivalry? Even if the door opens to her at the click of the mouse? And at the speed of Gigabytes!

Yeh 21st century hai janaab! Fast hona maangta hai! Women are now fighting to fly fighter aircrafts; the risk of telling a man she likes him pales in contrast! Making the first move on a man is still an undiscovered concept (not totally though). 

And come on, admit it, is it not such a boost to your ego if a woman reaches out to you and tells you that she desires you, or that she would like to get to know you better? I mean, who has said that it has to be the man to make the first move? Equality? Equality in love? Kahan hai?! 

Anyway, technology has leveled the playing field. www is just as available to her as it is to Romeo next door. 

So she, too, is swiping right. While you have been busy looking at her profile, she too has been checking your profile out, ready for making the first move on a guy. 

She too has a smartphone, might even be smarter than yours! And she certainly knows her mind. So if she likes what she sees, she won’t hesitate to reach out, ping, connect and seek.

It is normal. Women are going after the jobs they want. And they are reaching out to the partners they want.

Man or woman. And the world should just accept that as the new norm. If we can accept wearing a mask and going into a bank in broad daylight as normal, then I am sure we can accept women choosing to make the first move towards someone she desires, as normal. 

Of course, it will take time for this to be accepted as normal, and not as an exception. Men have been taught over centuries that they have to chase (from animals to women), while women patiently wait to be chased. This teaching will have to be thrown out of the window. Do men like when women make the first move? What do you think? 

The world is better positioned when it is equal. Women and men both have equal rights to a healthy, mutually respectful relationship, in which their desires and wants, and needs are met mutually.

And they can both be the first to seek it out with someone they identify. Yes, rejection is a risk that is a part and parcel of making the first move.

And that is ok and should be respected. A ‘No’ at any time in the relationship, coming from either of the partners has to be respected. Just because someone made the first move does not mean s/he cannot end it when it is not satisfactory. Women making the first move or its men, there should be mutual respect and understanding, no matter what. 

So mind opening your mind to this reality? Ah! Thank you; freedom for women to pursue the kind of relationship they want, with the man/woman they desire, on mutually acceptable terms.

They don’t have to fall into the social demand to wait for some man to seek her out for sexual gratification. She can seek him out.

Anywhere. Everywhere. Online, in the office, among her friends. She is not fast or cheap or a slut.

She is just a woman who shapes her own relationships and her own destiny. And she is just a woman with good wifi or 4G at her disposal.

When a woman makes the first move, IT’S NORMAL, folk! 

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