Why Ain’t Women’s Sexual Desires Recognized Much as Men? (women want it too)

womens sexual desires

What happens when you have the same message beaming at you from all quarters? From books, movies, and songs? Simple. You start believing it, and it becomes your reality. 

One such fiction that we live with is that men want sex, female sexual desire is less, lost, or women can wait.

Remember Savita Bhabhi? No? You should look her up. She was a sexual woman, an icon of woman sexuality, and everything that’s hard for men to understand!

What made her worthy of being written about and having an entire, hugely popular cartoon series about were not her cooking skills or stitching a button on her pati’s shirt.

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It is that she took the concept of women sex to another level. She liked sex, enjoyed it, and she did not shy away from it. She went after it and got it. In fact, all the boys and men of the neighborhood wanted Savita bhabhi – or even a peep down her ample twin peaks – was enough to make them peak – and all this in a comic series, which got Banned!!

Something that society enjoys, in solitude, in dark rooms, sitting privately before their personal computer screens, is just fine but accepting it as a reality, Oh no no!

Some of that prescribed behavior comes from how women are wired differently from men and what turns them on.

But most are triggered by how women have been brought up to believe that women cannot seek sex as a pleasurable act for themselves, which is supposed to be the man’s domain.

Achhe ghar ki ladkiyan. Good girls from good families can’t have women sexual needs, and they are supposed to only supply that pleasure when the man demands it.

Men and equally women have been constantly told that ‘good’ women are not naughty by nature.

They only want a partner to have children with. But then we had also been told that cutting nails in the night invited thieves into the house. Choose to believe what you want!!

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Breaking news!!! Women want sex! There is something called womens sexual desires too! And they want it as much or as little as men!! Maybe she gets to the point of arousal in a little more roundabout way. And maybe women arousal takes more than just a look to get her going.

Women like having sex. They like seeking it when they want. And society should just stop punishing them for it.

A sexually liberated, actively engaged woman would be a joy in bed! And we should celebrate that. It is her right just as much as the man.

It is high time we stop making this ‘the old boys’ order’ and accepted womens sexual desires. And society needs to be accepting of women who seek sexual pleasure for themselves.

In every field, we are telling women they can step out and step up. Let’s not confuse her by saying, in every field, except the bed, kitchen, bathroom, balcony?? Ehhh, let’s hold on to that one….!

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