Importance of Sexual Health which is not just about ”Good Sex”

Sex. Sex. Say it. Say it once more. Don’t whisper it. Don’t shout it out. Say it normally. And that is just how you need to treat it – ekdum Normal!

Understanding sexual health is as important as your health in general. Why Is Sexual Health Important? Let’s find out! 

Maybe it would help you to see that health and sexuality are a part of sexual health, which is like your physical health, mental health, spiritual health. Get the drift? Just another aspect of your being healthy.

You can argue, where’s the fun in sex – if it’s prefixed with health?! Does it mean being ‘Sexually Healthy’ and that’s it? That health is about diabetes and hypertension, things that happen to middle-aged aunties and uncles, for you and yours – it’s just sexual!!

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When we think of sex, we want to imagine it in its myriad, technicolor avatar, healthy sexuality, and definitely not in an “” aspatal” mahoul.

You know why sexual health is important, to enjoy good sexual experiences, for one. And also because STIs can be a bloody bummer.

And truth be told, the fear of unwanted pregnancies can make the straightest soldier slouch. Knowing our bodies well can help us figure out if we are ready to explore how we can be in control of our bodies and the act and the right time to hit a home run.

And of course, to know what brings on the Big O and what is a big no-no!!!

Sexual health is all of the above and more. Sexual health is what makes you aware and comfortable with your body.

It helps you protect yourself against vulnerabilities and to establish respectful, mutually satisfactory sexual relationships.

Being aware of your sexual health allows you to prepare for the changes that your body would go through at different stages of your life.

At least you will be able to make sense of yourself better from puberty onwards, even if the whole world is wondering what to make of you J.

So please address every single question or doubt you may have. You need to know. Everything. You are a sexual being, not some mechanical robot.

Your body can be a source of pleasure for you. And looking after its sexual health is both your right and your duty.

Sometimes, it may seem embarrassing to access sexual health. I mean, firstly, who do you think of going to? Do you go to any strange doctor?

Or to any of those ‘Bengali doctors’ who advertise on walls? Not that they are confined to only the “Bengali type”.

Or to that doctor who has watched you grow up and comes to your home for dinner? A friend’s elder sibling? An app? A website?

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What basis do we choose on? As long as it’s about talking it out, it can actually be anyone who is a friendly and accessible person, who won’t judge you for your questions, and whose mind is not fragmented by narrow personal walls.

But finally, you will need to find a trained and reliable healthcare service or source, and that, by the way, is as important a part of ensuring good sexual health and also a healthy sexual relationship.

Sexuality is as common as…well, the common cold! And finding out information about it should be just as easy!

And when you have found such a person, then explore the sexual being you were born to be. Talk to your partner, explore together.

Help each other get in touch with your sexual beings – complete with love, intimacy, and pleasure. We must understand that the importance of sexual health is not just limited to GOOD SEX. There’s much to it. 

Trust me, good sex then is inevitable.

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