How To Not Be Nervous When Meeting Someone New

how to not be nervous

“Do not anticipate trouble or worry about what may never happen. Keep in the sunlight.” –Benjamin Franklin

First date? School/College/Office presentation? Interview? For sure you must have visualized and lived all the worst that will happen in your head and invited nervousness. Nervousness is nothing but a little anxiety attack in some situations which can be dealt with easily. 

What to do? How to stop being nervous? Or make a feeble excuse and stay back? Absolutely Not!

Feeling nervous is as normal and okay as anger, sadness, happiness, and other emotions a human being has. But sometimes, no matter how hard we try, it becomes an impossible task to overcome this feeling and nervousness flares up like anything that can be unsettling and embarrassing. 

This feeling repeatedly can become a problem and calls for an efficient and successful solution. To help you with the question, “how to overcome nervousness,” go through the pointers below and try them out whenever that pressure builds up to ruin your day. 

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Breathe: Take a Deep, Relaxing Breathe With your Belly

You must have noticed that nervousness disturbs your normal breathing pattern. It becomes shallow and irregular, which must come to normal for a normal you. 

So, before entering the situation, go slow/halt, take a deep breath from your belly, and you will feel your muscles relaxing, you will feel less agitated, and calmer. Repeat this and feel your nervousness releasing from your body. 

Preparation Will Make You Confident And Less Nervous

how to stop being nervous

You can anticipate how the day and activities will unfold for all those situations, ask yourself why am I so nervous. A beforehand preparation will make a lot of difference. You will be sure of yourself and will be able to control your actions. 

If It’s a Date: Prepare some questions and kill those awkward silences which might make you, in fact, both of you, nervous. 

If It’s an Interview: Go prepared with the basic starter questions that are being repeatedly asked. A perfect start is half the work is done, and all the nervousness has gone (the latter half is randomly added here to go with the theme and is true, lol)

If It’s a Meeting: Nervousness roots in such cases, what if I make a blunder? The simple solution is GO PREPARED FULLY! 

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Be Positive

Let’s revolve this solution around Your First Date when a man is nervous around a woman and vice versa. That situation becomes like your nerve is creeping up on you. 

Ask yourself one simple question- What’s the worst that can happen and what’s the best that will happen. Focus your energy towards the good and be excited for all those lovely moments you will be spending with her/him. This will give your courage and confidence. 

When you think positive, you visualize only the best, and your brain gets prepared for the situation the same way, meaning nervousness out of the window. 

Give Yourself Less Importance

The root cause of nervousness in most cases is that everybody is watching, everybody is judging, everybody is talking about me, and such self-centred questions hold you back in life. But the reality is, Everybody is involved in their own life and not yours (LOL). 

Only because you give shelter to your unwanted thoughts doesn’t mean the people out there do the same. They don’t even care. 

The power of this realization will give you the power of freely doing whatever you want to do without the creepiness of nervousness haunting you. 

Do Not Admit You Are Nervous: Not Even To Yourself Or Not Even To Them

The least you can do to overcome your nervousness is by not admitting that you are nervous. Two benefits follow it:

This puts the spotlight on all those embarrassing things that your nervous self is making you do, which can end up embarrassing you even more. This also won’t let you forget that you’re nervous and behave normally. 

On the other hand, it’s a physiological fact that telling yourself one thing continuously somehow brainwash your mind into believing in that thing. 

You can even fool your brain and exchange the word nervous with excitement to change the perspective. Tell yourself that you are excited and get a boost of confidence and excitement.  

Well, a win-win situation for you right!

Try The Rapport Technique

You must be wondering what it is and how to stop being nervous using a technique. Keep reading.

Whenever you face a situation, you are nervous about, assume that the person sitting across from your or next to you is your best friend. This will automatically take your nervous frame of mind to a more relaxed, comfortable, and enjoyable zone. 

Take Proper Care Of Yourself

Often neglected or ignored, this factor needs to be considered and should be taken care of. When you are at your best, that confidence comes from within. Before the big event, take proper sleep, eat good, take your time in getting dressed, and do all that makes you happy. 

Nervousness should not in any way stop you from living your life and enjoying special moments of your life to the fullest, which sometimes it does. So, next time before asking yourself this question “how to not be nervous,” get your solutions ready!

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