8 Types of Guys in College You Should Know Before Dating Any of Them

types of guys in college

You meet many different types of guys in college. Some guys are quite interesting, while others could be way too dull. But sure, everyone has distinct traits that make them stand out from the rest. Based on that, there are all eight types of guys whom you are sure to find in every college. Read on to find out.

1. The Party Hopper

He is always the center of attraction and the life of any party. Mostly he’s out of the class and hopping parties. He knows almost everyone and makes you feel a strange attraction towards him. He’s surely a weird type of guy who is too strange to be understood. But while you’ll surpass the stage of needing to party every single night, he just refuses to grow up.

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2. The Bad Man

This type of guy is wrong for you by all means. He’s shady, doesn’t know what he’s doing with his life, and probably a narcissist too. But his witty ways, rugged looks, and sheer disregard for any rules, in general, makes your heart race every time he looks your way.

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3. Mr. Muscles

The athlete sure has the looks of a Greek God but is always on the field practicing or building up in the gym. All he talks of is health, food, and sports. Though he may be fun to date, you might get bored of his looks soon, or maybe not. Such types of guys are a good choice if you want a little bit of nondiscipline in your life.

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4. The Nice Guy

He’s the mama’s boy, in no way a misogynist, and is always nice and caring. The only problem is, with such goody ways, he is more likely to end up being your best buddy than your boyfriend, and you later end up regretting not marrying such types of guys.

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5. The Class Clown

The joker is who makes even the boring history lectures hilarious. You love to be around him until you find out he gets his morning kick out of making fun of people. However, such types of guys definitely prove to be quite an enjoyable date.

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6. Mr. Moneybags

This guy has the coolest stories to tell you about his exotic foreign vacations and takes you for a ride in his new car that his dad gifted him over the weekend. Everything seems perfect until you realize that all he has is his dad’s money with no intention of ever achieving anything on his own and worse is his bratty attitude that dawns when he doesn’t get his way. Such types of guys could be very rude and narcissistic.


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7. The Overachiever

Such are the types of guys everyone hates. He is nice and intelligent but can be quite snotty too and likes to show off his amazing brains. Though, it always pays to keep a nerdy genius by your side, he can become a real jerk and too emotionally unavailable, especially during the end of the semester.

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8. The Baggage Boy

This guy is the experienced one on the dating front. He is a wonderful date being quite romantic and thoughtful but is almost too emotional and likes to blow the horn on his past relationships much to your utter dislike and discomfort. Such types of guys in high school could give you an unpleasant time in your relationship.

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So, let us know which types of guys have you stumbled upon in your college?

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