15 Awesome and Affordable College Date Ideas!

college date ideas

When in college you are strictly on a budget. Any extra money you may have would go on a fancy pair of branded sports shoes rather than splurge on a date. But still, you want your college dates to be fun and unique, right?  

So here are 15 awesome yet cheap date ideas for college students to take their sweetheart on!

#1 Watch a movie or binge-watch a TV show together.

One of the best college student date ideas, it is always awesome to watch a movie or binge-watch any tv show with someone. One of the best date ideas for college students is watching a goofy, scary, or romantic movie together at home & discussing it.

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#2 Take a swim together

Going swimming with your date at the pool or a beach is a perfect and one of the most fun date ideas for college students.

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#3 Make a simple food hamper of sandwiches etc. and have a small picnic in a quaint grassy spot of your college.

Nothing is better than home-cooked food. Take a mat, grab some food, and enjoy your date.

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#4 Watch plays or dance shows that are organized in your college’s auditorium.

Colleges organize such events throughout the year. Make a list of these events and have fun watching plays & dance shows together. It also makes one of the best first date ideas for college students who have just started dating and are college mates.  

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#5 Cheer for your favorite team

Another one of the cheap date ideas for college students is to attend any sports event in your college and cheer for your favorite teams. It is so much fun to watch a football game or cricket together.

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#6 Plan a game night

Find out the right game to play with your date. Trust us it is the best idea to spend time with your bae.

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#7 Take the advantage of your student pass and go to places in the city you may have never been to before.

Here you are ready with the list of places where you can go without spending much money and have the best date. It also makes one of the cute college first date ideas

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#8 Stroll through a park or rent a bike and enjoy the ride together.

Go for a bike ride with your sweetheart and ride around the city. One more interesting and also one of the fun date ideas for college students is renting a bike and enjoying the ride together.

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#9 Go bowling together.

Going bowling is so much fun and yet a cheap activity. A perfect and cheap date idea for college students which can be planned any time of the year.

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#10 Visit a zoo or a museum together

You can visit any museum or a zoo together which are assuredly cheap and enjoy the day of leisure together.

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#11 Head to the beach and build sandcastles, collect shells, bury each other in sand or watch the sunset together.

Go to the nearest beach, do some fun activities and can even watch sunset & sunrises together.

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#12 Plan a study day for two at your home complete with all junk food to keep you company.

Study together and you can teach each other while on a date too.

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#13. Go camping or hike together.

A fun idea for college students to go on a hike or camping together. Check for some affordable camping events happening in your city or nearby. 

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#14 Cooking together is fun.

Plan a cooking session for just the two of you. Try to cook something nice or bake a cake and eat together. This may be terrible to eat but we are sure you will enjoy the process of cooking together.

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#15 Go for a long drive.

Not so cheap but affordable college date ideas are going on a drive with your date. You can drive around the city and enjoy each other’s company.

We hope you like these cheap date ideas for college students. Share some of your ideas for cheap dates. 

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