9 Dating Lessons You Learn In College

College is time that introduces you to a new and exciting life. Of the many lessons you get to learn from it are the numerous dating lessons too. Some come by the hard way and some through the bad experience of your friends but anyway each one of them is a valuable gem for all of your future dating (mis)adventures!

1. You don’t need to look for the ‘The One’ in the college.

There is ample of time and ample of places out there even after you have worn (and flown) your graduation hat that will get you to your Mr. (or Miss) Right.

2. LDR are cool in movies but pretty prickly to work out in real life.

Although not impossible everyone but surely if you are the extra tough, titanium plated boo only then can you handle the pressure and frustrations of a long distance relationship.

3. The hot guy you met at a party will probably not be your boyfriend.

As opposed to movies, real life has other plans for you. The guy could be hot and he could be too good to be true to your drunk self, but the next day you will realize why they say drunk decisions are the worst ones.

4. You will get to taste the relationship chaat.

College is the time when you will be introduced to all the varieties of relationships and all the kinds of drama and emotions defining them; serious, casual, live-in, hook up and many more. If you don’t experience it first hand your bestie will make sure you get a whiff of it.

5. If a guy is bad there’s noway he’ll get better with your Midas touch.

You would like to believe otherwise, won’t you? But it’s the bitter truth. Putting up with a guy who treats you badly just in hopes he will mend his ways with time is just not worth yours.

6. Ditching your friends for your date is not worth a dime.

Your friends are who will get you to have fun and adventures in the college time and they will definitely stick around. So, unless you have signed a lifetime contract with your bae for all that, better not miss out on all the great memories you can make with your buddies.

7. Playing hard to get is the train that gets you to the ‘Land of No Boyfriends’.

It’s good to be choosy and not be too hasty to get into any relationship but playing too hard to get will not make you any more desirable. It will only drive away the very person you want to be more drawn to you. And this pretty much holds true for all the macho guys out there too.

8. Dating someone from different course is a pain.

When you have classes they are free and when they have, you are. So, unless you’re bunking a major lecture to date, it’s sickeningly hard to date in the college.

9. Going on a date and dating are two different things.

You will learn in the college that if you are going on a date it doesn’t really mean you are dating. You could be their potential hook up, friends with benefit, time pass date, rebound date or even a soon-to-be-friendzoned-buddy.
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