10 Unique Couple Tattoo Ideas With Meaning

couple tattoo designs

Here’s a thing for you to get in your head before you post “Inked For Life” on social media with your Boo- COUPLE TATTOO IS A PERMANENT CUTE SHIT. Therefore, you better mutually agree on a design that’s unique! 

The evolution from ‘exchanging rings’ to ‘body arts,’ how couples express their love to each other is under a beautiful transition. For ages, tattoos were and will always continue to be around in one form or another.

Specifically, how love tattoos for couples add value to bonding experiences, it as well creatively makes a bolder statement about their relationship.

Ready to let the world know what your better half means to you? Are you excited about taking a Lovey-Dovey step further in your relationship with a couple tattoo?

Keep reading for couple tattoo ideas to flaunt your feelings in a flourishing artwork form!

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10 Uniquely Amazing Couple Tattoo Designs!

#1 Crown Tattoo

Aren’t you guys the ultimate rulers of your little love kingdom? Don’t you feel like a King because your Queen is filling your life with love royalty? Well, give a royal touch of art to your relationship with Crown Tattoo on your wrists, fingers, hands, or wherever you want.

Crown Tattoo

It beautifully symbolizes how you both are co-ruling each other’s lives as equals with distinct roles while still completing one another.

It’s also a way of telling the world that a ‘decree has been issued’ (farmaan jari Kia ja Chuka hai) that my KING/QUEEN only belongs to me!

Either go with a beautiful Crown or ‘K’ and ‘Q’ alphabet, the only rule is- match it with the love of your life.

#2 Ring Finger Tattoo

If you wish your love tattoo ceremony with your partner to be romantically sweet, get a tattoo on the ring finger.

According to Ancient Romans, the ring finger has a Vein Of Love that runs through the heart. This is why bands/rings are always worn on the same finger.

Ring Finger Tattoo

For the same reason, getting inked with your partner in the ring finger with a symbol that’s really close to your heart makes it even more special and romantic. It symbolizes the person who is very close to your heart.

Doesn’t matter if you tell your partner how much they mean to you every single day; the wonders these little gestures do is a different feeling altogether.

#3 Heartbeat Tattoo

This one is the latest addition to love and small couple tattoos ideas and is truly a special one!

Heartbeat Tattoo

Symbol of love, strength, power, passion, endurance, and everything the combination of 26 alphabets could say, this tattoo is everything your heartbeat wants to say to your lover.

Get your and your partner’s zig-zag-horizontal heartbeat inked that you would want to cherish forever. It could be anything- I love you, his name, your name, etc.

#4 Quotes Tattoo

You will come across limitless ways if you want to express your love to them!

Quotes Tattoo

Has it ever happened to you that a line, dialogue, song, or poem has touched your heart deeply and summed up your love philosophy? And when you think of it, you can’t stop thinking about the love of your life?

Well, that’s your perfect couple tattoo!

Pick up your favorite quote so far to articulate both of your feelings in the most appropriate way. Here’s what you can do-

  • Get the same quote inked on each of you.
  • It can even be half on your hands and half on your partner’s. Symbol of you both completing each other because the real meaning of it will be unveiled only when you both are together!
  • If you both wish, get different quotes tattooed on each of you that express the love for your partner.

#5 Infinity Small Couple Tattoos

Couples who tattoo together stay together! Why not make it eternal?

Infinity Small Couple Tattoos

The best from this lot has to be the Infinity Tattoo many couples are crushing on. It’s a very popular tattoo choice that’s trending.

The reason being its meaning that’s deep and powerful- LOVE WITH NO ENDING/LOVE FOREVER!

The added plus about this tattoo is it’s a very unisex inking, neither too feminine nor too masculine.

Therefore, don’t be in two minds if you’re considering an infinity tattoo with your boo. Choose the best design and let the ink of everlasting love flow!

#6 Lock And Key Tattoo

If it’s about expressing love with a tattoo that would stay with both of you, it should be a meaningful inking expression. What do you think?

Lock Key Tattoo Design

There must be many in your life, but the person who has the key to your emotions, soul, heart, and feelings is only one.

Tell them you’re ready to give them the authority of entering your inner self where nobody else is allowed with a Lock and Key Tattoo.

Inner forearms, ankles, and hands are some of the best options for such couple tattoo ideas. Either choose a large, ornate, or minimalist design for the same; it doesn’t matter. What’s important is it tells your partner how special they are to you.

#7 Yin and Yang Tattoo

YinFeminine energy

YangMasculine energy

This couple tattoo idea gets its root from an ancient concept that looks super cute with a message that says- WE COMPLETE EACH OTHER!

Yin and Yang Tattoo

The two little halves, when combined together, make a perfect circle. If you two have a poles apart personality that complements each other when together, you have your perfect tattoo idea now!

It’s the best minimalist design we could suggest to our readers who want to keep it Low-Key.

#8 Gay And Lesbian Couple Tattoo

Gay And Lesbian Couple Tattoo

Celebrate your love!

Express your love!

And be proud of who you are!

Love has no boundaries, and so do you..

Here’s a list of some of the tattoos that would help you best express what love and your partner mean to you! 

  • LOVE IS FOR EVERYONE– Quote that says it all!
  • PRISON AND FREE LOVE BIRD– You can’t trap love!
  • LIPS, RAINBOW, MATCHING FLOWERS– They symbolize pure love for the same gender!
  • IF GIVEN CHOICE, I WOULD STILL HAVE OPTED TO BE A GAY/LESBIAN FOR YOU– Isn’t it the best thing to say to your partner!

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#9 Personalized Image Tattoo

This, we would say, is a tattoo idea that is mostly dominated by male folks. If you wish to break the stereotype for your man, YOU GO, GIRL!

Personalized Image Tattoo

A couple tattoo is worth having for a lifetime! An imprint of your most cherished time with your partner is all that you need.

So, how about the cutest picture of you both having the best time of your life together? We know you have a lot of it in your phone gallery.

Still a raw and fresh concept, your partner will be talking about it for the rest of their life!

Not to forget, let’s take a moment and feel blessed to have some wonderful tattoo artists around us who make these art pieces come alive!

#10 The Color Circle

Such couple tattoo designs might sound a little weird and pointless to you; they carry some really special meanings you can’t help but WOW at.

The beautiful message behind this couple’s tattoo is: YOU FILL MY BLACK AND WHITE LIFE WITH COLORS!

One of you gets the darker part of the circle, and the other one gets the colorful part. When you both unite, the circle completes, and so does your life that needs colors of love and joy in it.

It also says: Your partner is the source of utter happiness in your life!

Final Words-

These couple tattoo ideas are a constant reminder of how special your partner is for you and how special you are for your partner!

We would also love to hear from you. Do you have one? Why is it special to you? Want to have one? Tell us what you think about couple tattoos in the comments below.

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