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date at home

Dating at home is both convenient and private. You love to spend those alone and quiet moments with your beau, but many times it becomes dull with just a meal together at your dining table. To make things more fun and exciting, we have some great at home date ideas for you to try out.

#1. Showdown

Get out your favorite video games and have fun testing each other’s battle skills. If you’re not so much of a fan of Counter-Strike, go down the memory lane and enjoy Mario or Icelander. If you both are gamers, it could be great at home date night ideas.

home-date-1-anime-girl-boy-gf-bf-video-game-competetionImage source

#2. Board Room

You don’t have to purchase a new board game from an offline store. There are plenty of them available on your phone.

Start with normal board games like Snakes & Ladder or challenge them at a game of carom, scrabble, or ludo. It could be one of the best at home couples activities.

home-date-2-board-game-scrabble-couple-funImage source

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#3. Personal Masseuse

Oh! If you haven’t received a message from your partner when you both have that moment, you really missed out on something.

Enjoy loving moments together, giving your beau a nice and relaxing massage. It’s truly one of the most romantic date ideas at home for home.

home-date-3-massage-disney-bugs-bunnyImage source

#4. Read Together

Get a separate copy of a book you both like and enjoy quiet moments reading and discussing it. Reading together or even narrating the story could be a great romantic night at home idea.

home-date-4-parineeti-sushant-shuddh-desi-romance-read-book-coupleImage source/ Yash Raj Films

#5. Finger Tasting

Before you play this game, make sure you have some good dishes at your home. Next up, blindfold your partner and then give your partner a spoonful of that dish.

Now ask your partner what that dish was. Make sure you’re playing with your words as well, in order to make it a little more interesting.

home-date-5-sharddha-kapoor-siddhratha-malhotra-ek-villain-eat-sweet-feed-couple-marathi-weddingImage source/ A A Films

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#6. Snuggle Up

Drag your mattress into the hall, pile it with lots of soft pillows and get on in it, snuggling close in warm blankets.

Now grab two spoons and enjoy your favorite show together, eating yummy dessert. Snuggling or cuddling itself is self-sufficient, and you don’t need to do anything else. This one at home date night idea is enough.

home-date-6-khoobsurat-sona-cuddle-coupleImage source/ Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

#7. 20 Questions

Ask each other ridiculous questions about each other or anything at all and have a hearty laugh at the equally funny answers. You can check out our content on 20 random questions to ask your partner.

home-date-7-pre-wedding-shoot-couple-happy-laughing-shyImage source

#8. Pillow Castle

Make a fort in the bedroom, using bedsheets and pillows, and decorate it with lovely romantic things like fairy lights, tassels, flowers, etc.

Now spend the night in it talking endlessly into the night. Finally, spend some cozy time with your partner; this could be an ideal romantic date ideas at home for him and her.

home-date-8-pillow-castle-pillow-fort-bedsheet-castleImage source

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#9. Dance Night

Clear the furniture and make some space in your living room. Now play good music and kick off some dirty dancing together. Some of the best couple activities at home, which you both can do.

home-date-9-shuddh-desi-romance-parineeti-sushant-couple-dancingImage source/ Yash Raj Films

#10. Cheer Squad

Order some food, get into your favorite team’s jersey, and cheer them watching the match together.

Wouldn’t it be great if you both could watch IPL or any other game? Game nights are a great way to have a good time.

home-date-10-pokemon-disney-cheer-cheerleader-happy-excitedImage source

#11. DIY

Rake Pinterest for some cute couple DIY projects and make them. Maybe paint mugs together or make a chandelier using old and used coke bottles. Remember, the messier, the funnier and the cuter!

home-date-11-salman-cute-colour-paintng-playful-couple-tease-katrina-love-ek-tha-tigerImage source/ Yash Raj Films

#12. Croon Together

Play YouTube videos, with lyrics, of the songs you both like and sing your heart out! Playing Karaoke could be one of the best at-home couples activities to bring them together.


#13. Bake-a-thon

One of the best at home dates is cooking together. So get a recipe of, say, pizza or a black forest cake or maybe lasagne, whatever you fancy, and try your hand at that. 

home-date-12-long-6-cook-kitchen-couple-salaam-namaste-preity-zinta-saif-ali-khanImage source/ Yash Raj Films

#14. War Zone

If you want, you can either play this on Holi or play this if you have a small garden in front of your home. It’s one of the great at home date ideas to make some adventurous memories.

home-date-14-water-ballonsImage source

#15. Break A Record

Find out a silly record from the Guinness Book of World Records and spend the night trying to break it…..Maybe together as a team or maybe against each other!

home-date-14tongue-tease-katrina-comic-funny-face-ajab-prem-ki-gazab-kahaniShemaroo- UTV Motion Pictures

#16. Bubble Bath for Two

Need we say anything more? Be ready for an exhaustive yet steamy session with your partner. Try this great at home date idea which helps in boosting your relationship.

home-date-16-book-read-couple-bath-tub-shower-bathroom-love-seduce-e1426079707666Image source/ Yash Raj Films

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