Good Icebreaker Questions To Start A Conversation

ice breaking questions for couples

As someone who struggles with communication issues, you may find the concept of dating apps a bit relieving. But, another problem arises when it’s about time to break the ice between you two. It’s all about the first sentence that you speak on a dating app that either gets you unmatched or takes you on sleepless nights with your match. 

Something to be really sure of, on your first date or any date is your words. Imagine going on a date and falling short of words. Awkward silence? Yes!

Well, to fill that silence, a pre date preparation with some good ice breaker questions is not a bad idea. Not only these questions will help in filling that unwanted silence, but will also help you in making your date a little playful (only if your questions are spicy, in a decent way.)

If you also want to know some of those captivating ways and the best ice breaking questions, check here.

Go For A Set Of Most Common Yet Interesting Questions

good icebreaker questions

Putting in extra efforts might not always work. Sometimes keeping it simple and casual is what is required, especially on a first date. Ask the most basic but good ice breaker questions like: 

  1. What do you do for a living?
  2. What’s something you’ve achieved so far that means a lot to you?
  3. What are your goals?
  4. What do you think about that new web series? (This can be an interesting topic if you both liked that particular show) 
  5. Best thing happened to you so far? (Wish for an answer like YOU OR MEETING YOU, LOL)

The intentions here are clear that you both are trying to know each other.

You Must Play A Little Question Game Called “This Or That”

how to break the ice with a girl

This little fun game is an excellent ice breaker. Here are a bunch of This Or That Ice breaker questions for a date and you are free to choose your questions you want to ask him/her. 

  1. Calls Or Messages?
  2. Books Or Movies?
  3. Girlfriend Or Wife?
  4. Beaches Or Mountains?
  5. Pizza Or Burger?
  6. Introvert Or Extrovert? 
  7. Tom Or Jerry?
  8. Soft Music Or Loud Music?
  9. Library or Museum?
  10. Invisible Power or Mind Reading Power?
  11. Healthy Food Or Junk Food?
  12. Lose sense of touch or sense of smell?

These questions need to be answered in a single word or in a sentence or it can lead to an interesting conversation. Try to keep it as light as possible and do not go very personal. In case you don’t know how to make it easier, here’s how to start a conversation.

Please keep reading for an interesting list of 10 Best Ice breaking Questions For Your Next Date.

How To Break The Ice With A Girl: Let The Conversation Flow

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After knowing her and trying to woo her online, are you finally going to meet her? Remember, the first question shapes half of your image. The shape should be perfect right? Then you must do some homework and be prepared for your next date with some of the best ice breaking questions.

Show that you are interested. Other than all the complements and jokes, bring up a question from a conversation you two had on the messages or over a call. Example: I remember you once mentioned you are planning and working on your business plan. Tell me about that. 

Such questions will make your conversation personal, and will directly give her a message that you are interested and want to know more about her. Also check how to start a conversation with a guy here!

Ice Breaker Question For Work

icebreaker questions for work

Ice breakers are not only for dates but work as well. Don’t you think it will be a little awkward to work with someone you can’t exchange words with freely. Yes, to make the new member of your team feel relaxed and warm and welcomed or to break ice with your team as a new member in the house, some good ice breaker questions will definitely help. Here are some examples to help you.

  1. What made you choose this XYZ career?
  2. For how long you have been working here?
  3. Is this your first Job?
  4. If you could just learn one new skill instantly, what would it be?
  5. Which is your best official trip so far?
  6. What is the best thing about this job and the worst as well?  
  7. You like your boss? (He/she might not answer this question, LOL)

There is no rule as such to stick to only work related questions,  you can go with more cool questions in the free time.

A List Of 10 Best Ice Breaking Questions For Your Next Date You Can Consider Asking Your Date

Please note that you can also use these icebreaker questions for work as well.

  1. If you could read minds, take a guess what I am thinking right now? 
  2. Your first impression about me?
  3. Do you like what i am wearing?
  4. If you could take a journey back in time, what is that one thing you would like to change?
  5. What are your three unreal wishes?
  6. What are the three words that describe you the best?
  7. Tell me about your family?
  8. Forget money issues for a while. What is that one thing you want to do on a daily basis if money was not an issue. 
  9. How do you imagine your dream life?
  10. Let’s talk about your happiest moment so far?

Now when you are ready with your Ice breaker questions for dating, take one last advice. Let it come naturally. Blend it naturally with your conversation and let your date ask you for another meeting because you are a good date to be around with and talk to.

For a memorable first impression, some out of the box ice breaker questions are a deal to lock.

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