How To Start A Conversation With A Guy

how to start a conversation with a guy

A lot of girls are going to agree that starting a conversation with a guy is as easy as peeling a banana. But for the other girls, it’s as hard as cracking nuts. And this blog on how to start a conversation with a guy will serve the purpose of cracking these nuts with your teeth.

No extra information is needed, no other blog that you need to read. Learn how to start a conversation with a boy hassle-free. So, let’s get started on what to text a guy to start a conversation, so that your life becomes easier than before.

Ask about a famous web series, movies, or books

If he is into new web series, drama, books, or a movie, and you know that he has seen/read it, then you can initiate the conversation by texting him about it. There’s literally no better way to start a conversation with a guy over text than this one. If he is a movie buff, he can keep the conversation going. Else, you can come up with interesting questions which he can answer from that particular movie or web series.

Talk about a common person

Talking about a common person or a mutual friend could be the easiest conversation starters with a guy. You won’t even have to make any efforts then. Don’t think twice about sending a text where you want to talk about some other person.

how to start a conversation with a guy

You can ask if his friend is okay, and then forget about his friend, focus on him. And that would most probably suffice the purpose.

Compliment his shirt

So, when it comes to learning how to start a conversation with a guy on text, you can simply text him, “I liked the red color t-shirt you wore to college today.” This one sentence would be enough to catch your attention. And bang on! You really need some super awesome conversational skills to ensure that the conversation goes on.

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Share memes from your common interests

Memes are this generation’s first choice to initiate a conversation. If you feel that you guys don’t have anything to talk about, share a meme and you will find hundreds of things to talk about. Sharing memes would be the perfect conversation starters with a guy.

 conversation starters with a guy

Memes can be about your college professors, particular students, office, or anything. Laughter connects people more than anything else.

Do not go for a vulnerable question

Most of the guys will find it difficult finding someone who asks such questions to them. And a lot of them won’t even bother answering to someone who they don’t feel a connection with. But, if they reply to your questions like if any of their friends left them, or they had a breakup before, then consider them as someone who trusts you.

Here are some of the vulnerable questions you should refrain from asking:

How much do you weigh, what’s the extreme you’ve lifted in gyms, and more.

What do you want to do after this college or office?

This one is going to be one of the best conversation starters with a guy. Everyone has their own future aspirations. If you feel that it’s the right time to ask for his future career aspirations, then go ahead. As there could be no better answer to your question, “how to start a conversation with a guy?”

how to start a conversation with a boy

If you can, then you start it as a ranting session and talk about how you landed in this field and all. This conversation topic can last for hours, so make sure that he is free for the next few hours as it can be a really interesting topic.

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So, these were some of the best conversation starters with a guy. If you feel that this blog is something that some of your friends need to read, do share it with them.

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