How to Start a Conversation With a Girl

You see a girl, you like her, you get her number, and then comes the date night. Now? Do you find it difficult to start a conversation with a girl? Know how to start a conversation with a girl with TrulyMadly’s Dating Experts here!

Many boys find it difficult to start a conversation with a girl or struggle to find a way to initiate a simple conversation. It might be comparatively effortless for an extrovert to approach a girl, talk to her, and be friends with her, but for an introvert, even a simple task like breaking the ice with a girl feels like climbing a mountain. Trying to talk to a girl you don’t know can be anxiety-provoking with almost all the negative thoughts like what if she says no, what if she won’t like me, and so on. 

Initiating a conversation with a girl you don’t know can be menacing, right? Now that we know that it can be difficult to initiate a conversation, you can understand what might be going inside the brains of a guy. It even becomes hard to approach the girl and say a simple “hi,” forget about a full conversation. Right boys? There might be a lot going on in your head, but converting it into a beautiful conversation is something a lot of guys lack. It just takes a good start to let everything fall in place eventually. Want to know how to start a conversation with a girl or how to start a conversation with a guy? Don’t worry! Dating experts at TrulyMadly got you covered. 

Have a look at some of the ideas you can implement in case you find it difficult to impress a girl with your not-so-good ice-breaking skills.

Good Conversation Starters: Start With A “Hi,” but Not Just A “Hi”

Sounds very cliche, right? A simple “Hi” can be stodgy and hard to respond to. But a “Hi” blended with a question like “How are you doing” or “How was your day” or a little introduction of yourself could make a girl respond to your “Hi,” and the conversation can go on. Remember to always go ahead with an open-ended question rather than asking a yes or no question.

how to start a conversation with a girl

Example: A simple question like “Do you like music” can end with a yes or no, but asking a question like “what type of music you like” can lead to a good conversation. Nobody likes monotonous chit chat.

Know-How to Start a Conversation: What to Say?

Not the charm, not the personality, not the sense of humor, and not the looks; many times, it is the lack of ability to start a conversation with a girl that lacks in many boys. You may be the perfect boy out there, but not making the perfect first move or right first impression on a girl can make your other abilities and good looks go unnoticed.

Some Great Conversation Starters

Many guys know that they are interesting, kind, humorous, charming, and can make great friends or partners. But getting her to see that can be challenging? Sometimes, yes! When trying to approach a girl, do not stress too much on how to “impress her.” Please keep it simple, subtle, and lighthearted. Some simple good conversation starters like approaching her and asking questions about her likes, dislikes, her taste in movies, music, cuisine, dreams, jobs, telling her about yourself, etc. can work in your favor. Every time making unnecessary moves and compliments can be overwhelming.

Some Great Conversation Starters: Make Your First Impression Positive and Worth Remembering

In the initial stage of getting to know someone, break the ice with something that you both are interested in. Talk about topics you both share a common interest in and take intimation from the girl whether she wants to go ahead with the topic or not. An interesting topic stretched unnecessarily can also become boring. Keep shifting, and the conversation will automatically become gripping. This helps in bonding on a common ground, which eventually leads to long term friendships or you never know, a relationship!

Flirty Conversation Starters: Keep it Positive, Genuine, Real, and Polite

A healthy flirting with a girl can make her smile and make you win, but at the same time, making it come out as fake and not so appropriate can lead to a negative image of yours. Always keep it Positive, Genuine, and Polite.

How to Start a Conversation With Your Crush

Complement her, comment on her pictures, try a pickup line, ask her questions about dating, love, relationships, and her idea of a perfect relationship. You can do it over a phone conversation, you can even text her online, or if you already know each other, plan meetups. During the entire flirty conversation approach, always remember to make the girl feel comfortable.

How to Start a Conversation With Your Crush

The optimum way to make a bond is a good conversation. A good start with a great conversation is half the job done. Your crush, directly or indirectly, should know that you are interested in her. Drop genuine hints to let her know about your feelings.

Example: Talk to her and tell it was a dare and let the conversation go on, if she is your classmate or your friends’ friend or someone you know through family, get her number and text her and talk about random things like work, how’s everything going, tell her you know her already, and you really think you guys should connect, and so on. Little efforts combined with genuinity are the key to win her heart.

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These are some of the tips and tricks you can use to start talking to a girl. So are you all set to make the first move? If yes, go ahead and conquer!

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