Scorpio Compatibility: Love Compatibility of Scorpio With Each Zodiac Signs

scorpio compatibility
  • Is your zodiac sign Scorpio?
  • Are you dating someone who’s a proud Scorpio?
  • Do you wish to know more about people whose zodiac sign is Scorpio?
  • Are you very much interested in Scorpio compatibility
  • Do you wish to know if you’re compatible with a Scorpio or not?

If you are very much interested or romantically intrigued to know more about scorpio compatibility, this blog has all your answers.

But before we jump right into who’s fit to make a match with a Scorpio and who isn’t, let’s unfold the chart and know a little more about this zodiac sign that’s mostly addressed with passion and power. 

Scorpio’s Personality

Let’s start with some of their positive traits followed by the negative ones that might be a matter of concern for those with a love angle with Scorpios. 

Positive Traits: Honest, loyal, determined, ambitious, passionate, resourceful.

Negative Traits: Jealous, vindictive, stubborn, manipulative, cunning, and ruthless. Not so ideal traits for a healthy relationship, right? (worry not)

With a strong trait of always being the one who controls, they are extremely strong-headed and independent.

Two classic examples would be Hillary Clinton and Whoopy Goldberg. Scorpios always have to be in the front seat, and the backseat is not just their thing.  

For even a second, if you are thinking of doing something wrong with a Scorpio, think thrice, mate.

They can hold grudges for years and years to come, and Oh, the revenge part, let us not even mention that.

Here comes the best they have in store for you. Do something sweet for them, and they will appreciate and remember it for eternity. 

Failure for them is like a driving force. They try, they fail, they learn, they stand again. They are goal-oriented and driven. 

When it comes to keeping their emotions on display, they are a sucker at it. Though highly passionate, reading a Scorpio’s mind is a hard nut to crack. 

Let’s jump right into Scorpio compatibility now!  

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#1 Scorpio and Taurus Compatibility (21st April – 21st May)

Taurus and Scorpio

Scorpio and Taurus mutually share some traits like both are very loyal, ambitious, and thrifty. The best part about their compatibility is that Taurus understands and even crushes on Scorpio’s jealousy that others find quite annoying. 

The point where these two signs have the highest chance of clash is their stubbornness and bad temper. If a Taurus and a Scorpio are in a relationship, these traits can turn down the table for them. 

#2 Aries and Scorpio Compatibility (21st March – 20th April)

Aries: Whimsical

Scorpio: Practical

aries and scorpio compatibility

Do you know what the most challenging part of an Aries and Scorpio relationship is? Aries’ fear of commitment and Scorpio’s jealousy. These two are considered the most contrasting trait for their compatibility. 

Talking about the sex factor between these two, the game is always going to be on point because of the fact how passionate both are. 

#3 Capricorn and Scorpio Compatibility (23rd December – 20th January)

capricorn and scorpio

They share some of the best traits like they both are diligent, loyal, and ambitious. 

Already discussed that making a Scorpio display their emotions is a hard nut to crack but not very much for a Capricorn. For the romance part, it goes the same. 

Scorpio admires and falls for Capricorn’s humble, down-to-earth, and reliable trains; while on the other hand, Capricorns are a big fan of Scorpio’s passion. 

We can conclude these two signs make the best match! 

#4 Virgo and Scorpio Compatibility (24th August – 22nd September)

virgo and scorpio

It’s kind of an off match if two poles apart personalities get to share a relationship but with Virgo and Scorpio, nah! 

Virgo’s meek and unassuming nature best compliments Scorpio’s strength and aggression. Most of the time it’s Scorpio’s confidence that makes Virgo fall for them.

Scorpios somehow like how they can overpower Virgos. That’s the reason why Scorpios are the most gentle with Virgos. There’s absolutely no battle for domination. Even in the bedroom, there’s no vice-a-versa. 

Both the signs cherish solitude and love to have their alone time that allows space in their relationship. Financially, they both will be on the same table- Wise Spender. 

The percentage of their relationship being a success is higher not because they have similar traits, but have a really contrasting one. They say the opposite attracts. 

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#5 Leo and Scorpio Compatibility (23rd July – 23rd August)

leo and scorpio compatibility

The battle for domination here is way too high because they both have a really, really strong personality, and none likes to be under control.

Both the signs are very loyal, but Scorpio’s jealousy and Leo’s naturally flirtatious trait can be a bone of contention between the two as Scorpio’s jealousy will almost always be active with Leo.

Leos are too strong-headed to bring a change in them.  

To shift our focus to the positive side, the sex will always be explosive and passionate with undeniable chemistry.  In the long run, their compatibility can be very strong. 

#6 Cancer and Scorpio Compatibility (22nd June – 22nd July)

cancer and scorpio compatibility

It won’t be wrong to say that Cancer and Scorpio go the best with one another not because they have a lot in common but also because of their dissimilarities that compliment each other just perfectly. 

The undeniable emotional intensity that they share is the primary contributor in forming an undeniable bond between the two.

Another primary trait that makes them compatible is that they are both intuitive and can tell what their partner wants. Isn’t that great? It also leads to a good sexual life. 

The contrasting trait that sums up their compatibility is that of emotions. Emotions rule cancer people, and Scorpios have a hard time expressing them. When they unite, it just feels complete. Also, Cancers are super-nurturing, which helps them pacify Scorpios’ insecurities. 

With Scorpios being strong-headed, Cancers are flexible! 

#7 Libra and Scorpio Compatibility (23rd September – 23rd October)

libra and scorpio compatibility

This connection needs a lot of compromises. From the entire lot, their union turns out to be a little troublesome. Here’s why! 

Libra’s nature is analytical, whereas Scorpios are emotional. 

Libra prefers social gatherings and is good at making connections and conversations with many, whereas Scorpio loves to engage in deep conversations with limited people. 

Where Libra is known for keeping it casual, Scorpio is more intense. 

Doesn’t it seem like a Jodi NOT made in heaven? 

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#8 Pisces and Scorpio Compatibility (20th February – 20th March)

pisces and scorpio compatibility

These two make a superb match. 

Pisces: Loyal and gentle

Scorpio: Jealous and lack of trust

Result: Compatible! 


Pisces:  Follower 

Scorpio: Leader

Result: Compatible!


Pisces: Vulnerable

Scorpio: Strong and protective

Result: Compatible!


Pisces: Romantic

Scorpio: Passionate

Result: Compatible!


Pisces: Emotional

Scorpio: Emotional

Result: Compatible!


Pisces: Dramatic

Scorpio: Dramatic

Result: Compatible!

There could be highs and lows but that can be worked upon. Go for it! 

#9 Aquarius and Scorpio Compatibility (21st January – 19th February)

aquarius and scorpio compatibility

When we talk about a Scorpio being attracted to an Aquarius, the chances are almost null. Scorpios find Aquarius to be emotionally void and shallow; that’s a complete turn-off for them.

It’s too hard to find a focus point for Scorpios’ emotional needs and Aquarius’ intellectual analysis. 

When in arguments, Aquarius can lose their calm to a point where harshness and bluntness can take the lead.

In that case, it would be hard for Scorpios to swipe away what has been said, and it stays with them. 

On the positive front, they both love to try and experiment with new things that can help them keep the spark and excitement alive.  

#10 Scorpio and Gemini Compatibility (22nd May – 1st June)

scorpio and gemini compatibility

A Scorpio would be the last a Gemini would like to date. 

The first reason in the list is that a Gemini would never cope with a Scorpio’s emotional side. 

The second definitely has to be Gemini’s love for socializing and Scorpio’s wish to be alone. 

The main trigger point between the two is that Scorpio finds Gemini superficial, and Gemini finds Scorpio to be a total downer. 

#11 Scorpio and Sagittarius Compatibility (23rd November – 22nd December)

scorpio and sagittarius compatibility

These two make a very contrasting match and conflict alerts ahead.

Sagittarius: Open and blunt

Scorpio: Mysterious and private 

Result: Compatible? Maybe Yes, Maybe No! 


Sagittarius: Mostly extrovert

Scorpio: Mostly introvert 

Result: Compatible? Maybe Yes, Maybe No! 


Sagittarius: Casual and light

Scorpio: Take things deeply

Result: Compatible? No because it bothers a Scorpio


Sagittarius: Blunt and loves to keep their point out there in any possible way

Scorpio: Can’t stand insensitivity

Result: Compatible? No!


Sagittarius: Can be extravagant

Scorpio: Wise with money

Result: Compatible? Maybe Yes, Maybe No!

What do you have to say on this? Please let us know in the comments below!

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