What’s It Like To Date A Taurean

    1. They are quite stubborn.

From a first date movie to a YouTube video, they’ll have an opinion about everything. They aren’t ones to lose cool in the beginning, but provoke a Taurean and brace yourself for hell to break loose. Consider cold stony silence as a red flag signaling you need to give up. Now you know where the term ‘bull-headed’ comes from.

    1. They have a tough exterior, but have a sensitive soul.

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You don’t really expect Taureans to cry on your shoulder or vent their frustrations on a Facebook status message. But they don’t take jokes well, especially when it’s a personal attack on their appearance or close relationships. Their sensitive side allows them to pick up other people’s emotions better than you do.

    1. They love to pamper and be pampered.

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In times where guys resort to Snapchatting or Whatsapp to impress a girl, Taureans believe in old school romance. They’ll greet you with red roses, open a door for you, pull up a chair for you at dinner, walk you over to your front door. Are you convinced yet?

    1. They love the idea of love.

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Unlike the charging bull that they are portrayed to be, a Taurean takes a rational outlook when it comes to winning over their crush. Their oodles of patience and stubbornness comes useful here, as they make a move only when they are assured the prize is worthy. So watch out, because when it comes to keeping it real, Taureans are the real deal.
The only catch? Taureans are known to get possessive of their bae. Word of advice: simply date, don’t own your love.

    1. They are insanely persistent.

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This is where their infamous stubborn nature comes handy. Taureans love a good chase. There’s nothing that can stop them going for the kill. Need some inspiration? David Beckham first saw Posh performing on TV and then famously remarked ‘’I really like the one in the black catsuit, the one with the bob’’. He also went on to ask his sister Joanne to find her Victoria’s surname and her favourite London clubs. And we all know how that UnSingle Story ended!

    1. They are passionate and sexual

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What else do you expect for a sign ruled under Planet Venus? You’ll never have to worry about them not bringing their A-game in the sack. But be warned- it’s never a mechanical act for them. The hair caressing and sensual back rubs will be your favourite part of the night.
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