6 Convincing Ways to Mend a Broken Friendship!

broken friendship

Do you ever get into a fight with your pals and then don’t speak to them for a long time that leads to a broken friendship? You’ve arrived at the right place if you wish to revive the lost friendship.

Friendship is a delicate thing. Maintaining it is as difficult as maintaining an ideal relationship.

You deal with people who aren’t family, people about whom you don’t know anything, be it their values, priorities, history, or anything else.

That’s why there are a lot of broken friendships, and you end up ignoring each other.

My best friend and I have been arguing a lot lately. Yes, despite being one of my closest friends, our three-year friendship has seen a lot — especially given that we live thousands of miles away.

We once went a few weeks without speaking due to certain disagreements. Fortunately, after opening up to one another, we are now over the best friend break up and have sworn to retain our friendship till death do us apart.

We’ve learnt a few things throughout the years that have helped us save our friendship breakup despite a thousand squabbles:

  • Please Apologize.

We all make errors from time to time. Some people take offense. You understand what I’m saying: an apology is required in this situation.

friendship breakup

An apology may appear to be a simple gesture, but believe me, it is far easier saying than doing it, for some people at least.

If you aren’t sincere with it, others will notice. People wonder if you’ll continue to make the same mistakes. They are losing faith in you. Is it possible for you to reclaim their faith?

People can tell if you want to repair your mistakes when you apologize — and whether or not they will accept your apologies.

Demonstrate that you’re sorry for everything you’ve done that has offended them. Give them an explanation for what took place. Inquire if they wish to rekindle their friendship breakup with you.

  • Allow Yourself to Express Your Emotions.

Even though you have been best friends for years, no one can comprehend your feelings if you never talk about them.

lost friendship

Miscommunication is the root of most disagreements. You’re not sure why they keep pressuring you to take action.

Your jokes are sometimes misunderstood. And you choose not to confront them about it because you don’t want to get into a fight with them. It’s just incorrect, pal.

You must be honest if you don’t like something your pals have done. It is not only for your benefit but also for theirs.

Criticism encourages people to grow as long as it is viewed as constructive criticism.

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  • Listen to What They Have to Say.

Aside from a lack of communication, many disputes arise from a failure to listen to others. You are the one who interrupts them. You are in charge of the responses. You don’t give a damn about what they think.

Worse, you’re always trying to win debates without paying attention to them. It may seem insignificant, but no one wants to be interrupted in the middle of a conversation.

best friend break up

They want you to pay attention to what they have to say. Friendship necessitates not only good communication but also a great deal of respect.

Even if their viewpoint is incorrect, you can correct them by offering reliable information. Please don’t make fun of them because of their erroneous information.

After all, we are merely human beings capable of making errors and learning from them.

  • Please Give Them a While.

Is it true that an apology would solve all of your problems? No, not at this time. It would help if you allowed them some time to consider whether or not your friendship is worth their time.

Yes, it appears to be a disaster, but who wants to be involved in a lost friendship in their right mind?

When you’re waiting for their reaction, be patient. It can take a few days, weeks, or even months. Before making major judgments, everyone requires some time.

If you don’t want them to dislike you, even more, don’t treat them with cute letters or flowers.

They will text you again when they are ready to begin the friendship. It’ll be even better if they greet you with a hearty hug.

Nothing beats having a strong friendship with people who are always there for you.

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  • Look Back Fondly.

Whether you’ve known them for five years, ten years, or simply a few months, you have fond recollections of sharing laughter and tears with them.

friendship breakup

Reminiscing about happy recollections may remind them of why they befriended you in the first place.

Remembering horrible things is acceptable too because that would tell them you were together even in all the worst with a question- why can’t you both now?

If you’re the one who made a mistake, promise them you won’t do it again. Another option is to accept their apologies if you both recognize that their errors caused you to become estranged. It is never too late to forgive someone who sincerely wants to be forgiven.

  • Take a Look at the Difference.

Your friendship would undergo various modifications following the apology. They may be communicating to you every day.

Another alternative is they want to take some time because you can’t expect them to be the same within a day or two.

In the end, it is their decision, and you must respect it. Even though the broken friendship dies, you will have learned some lessons and will not make the same mistakes in future friendships.

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Final Comments!

There will never be a perfect friendship, just as there will never be a perfect relationship. A fun thing about friendship is that you may disagree a lot with them as well.

And, if problems arise, can you both work together as a team to address them. Repairing a damaged friendship can be frustrating since it requires a lot of time and work.

Therefore, before you do anything else, you must be truthful with yourself when discussing these issues.

  • “Are they the type of person who will help me realize my dreams?”
  • “Are they the type of person who respects me as well as I respect them?”
  • “Are they the type of person who will dismiss my ambitions?”

Kudos if they are someone who encourages you to pursue your goals. It will be worth your time to repair the friendship and end the best friend break up and gain them as a lifelong best friend.

However, if they are someone who dismisses your ambitions, it is best to distance yourself from them. You’ll need someone other than yourself to help you achieve your goals.

There’s no need to beg for a lost friendship. There will be a new friendship to replace the one that failed.

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