Stupid Things That Every Indian Couple Fights Over

All the couples all over the world fight over petty things. It’s said it increases their love. Sure hope so, because the basis of those fights are actually so silly and funny that one would definitely LOL once the heat of the argument is calmed down.

1. How much time do you take to dress up?!

A husband always complains how much time his wife spends on ‘beautifying’ herself! A girl’s gotta do what she gotta do. Who do you think they will look at when we walk into that party together?
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2. How much more time are you going to be in there?!!

A wife doesn’t realize how dirty his husband can be, that he needs to spend at least an hour in the shower. It’s my turn bitch.
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3. You never help me in kitchen!

Another of most common complaints of the poor wife who has to cook three times’ meal for the ‘bakasur’ that her husband is! Huh..what? When do you make anything other than daal-chawal that I would help you?
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4. Why do you always have to touch my things? Can’t you leave them where they are supposed to be?

Oh really? You think, socks’ supposed to be tucked at the sides of the sofa and wet towels should be on the bathroom floor?
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5. Why do I have to do the laundry every time? Either you help me or you don’t get a fresh underwear!

Fine. Let me have the dirty one then, I am getting late for my office; is  what the husband replies in return!
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6. You never tell me what do I cook for you when I ask you!

What’s the use? Whatever I tell you to make you tell me it can’t be prepared in such a short time! Fine then, make your own chhole-bhature, raita and phirni. Don’t tell me what to cook!
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7. Why do we need to go to Mrs. Bhatia’s son’s daughter’s ‘naamkaran’? Can’t we just stay home and watch a movie instead?

You mean to say, ‘football’. Nope.
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8. So, you did not like it? I spent hours in the mall trying to find the perfect gift for you and you did not like it!!

When did I say so? I just said ‘eh’.
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9. What do you mean my dad is too nosey? How dare you call him that?

Can’t a father talk to his own daughter! Well, he would do good to keep that abnormally big nose of her out of our business!
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10. You are never happy when my parent’s come over!

Who said so baby? It’s just that I develop this really itchy and highly toxic allergy whenever she comes, called ‘I-hate-your-mother-ia’.
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11. Oh god! I told you not to eat so much ‘rajma’ yesterday!

Whaaattt??!! Who? I didn’t do anything.
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12. Why did you watch that movie with your friends when you promised me you would watch it with me!

I guess, because someone ditched lunch with me to get ‘Thai-spa’ with her girlfriends the other day!
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13. I love you more. You don’t even know what you’re talking about.

Oh yeah? I totally love you more than you love me you love me you bitch! Oh mera shona baby! Yes you love me a lot I know.
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14. C’mon lets discuss it further in bed, Get us two cups of tea.

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